Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 742: Hypocrite’s True Colors (1)

Within the dangerous thicket, Su Zheng slightly raised his head, and his gaze was directed at the sky not far away. His eyes were somewhat solemn as the unease in his heart gradually increased.

"Martial Uncle," Long Fei looked at Su Zheng and asked, "did something happen?"

Su Zheng did not reply but his expression was clearly unsightly and even Yun Luofeng who was standing on one side could feel the aura he was emitting.

"Let's continue walking."

Yun Luofeng looked away from Su Zheng but she did not say anything else and just looked ahead. Currently, there was a fork in front of them with two paths available to choose from. These two pathways were both filled with thistles and thorns and led in two different directions.

"This way!"

Lin Yuan was silent for a moment before he pointed towards the left pathway and said, "This way, this should be the correct path."

Long Fei slightly narrowed his eyes, and he swept a glance at Lin Yuan while speaking with a sneer, "I feel that the right path should be the one that leads to the Forest of No Return."

Lin Yuan did not expect that Long Fei would refute his suggestion on the spot and his expression instantly changed. Because Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao were beside Long Fei and obstructing him, he could only swallow his resentment.

"Let's go." Yun Luofeng did not say anything else as she walked towards the path on the right.

Just then, Long Fei walked up in quick strides and moved closer to Yun Luofeng's ears as he reminded her softly. "My Lord, no matter what you see later while walking, don't pay attention to it!"

Regarding the roads in Forest of No Return, no one was more familiar than Su Zheng and Long Fei. Now that she had heard his words, Yun Luofeng immediately understood his intentions! She gave a hint of a smile but did not stop Long Fei's actions. Regardless of what her subordinates wanted to do, what she gave them was her utmost support!

Everyone looked towards Lin Yuan and uniformly asked, "City Lord, which path should we take?"

Lin Yuan steeled his heart and said, "Let's follow them!" After speaking, he walked with large strides towards the pathway on the right.

Along the way, it was still considered serene and no spirit beasts came to find trouble for them. However, they hadn't walked for very long before they couldn't help but stop in their tracks. Not far away from the road, countless medicinal ingredients that were sufficient to cause a sensation in the outside world were spotted, as if they were waving towards these unwelcomed guests...

"Is that... Blood Ginseng? It's rumored that if someone still has a breath left, they will still hang on to their lives after consuming it."

"Is that a crystal mine beside the Blood Ginseng? Furthermore, it's a crystal mine that hasn't been mined? Oh god, there are too many precious and rare treasures in the Forest of No Return."

"There's a rumor saying that consuming the Red Hackberry Tree can allow a spirit cultivator's spiritual energy to increase! To think that it would be growing here!"

"Holy cow, are we about to get rich?"

This Red Hackberry Tree was obviously inferior to the one Yun Luofeng had in her medicinal field, and the amount of spiritual energy it could provide to spiritual cultivators was extremely limited. Even if so, there were still many people who wanted to obtain it for that reason. Regardless of how small ants were, they were still meat. So, even if the spiritual energy the tree could provide was minuscule, it would at least provide some to them!

Now that they witnessed a Red Hackberry Tree swaying in the wind, how would they not be shocked?

How could they not be moved emotionally?

"It's all because of the City Lord that we were able to find these medicinal herbs this time around. If it weren't for him, it would be impossible for us to reach here! With so many medicinal herbs, since the City Lord doesn't require a share, they can be split between us, with one stalk for everyone! Although I'm not a physician, I know these medicinal ingredients can be sold for an astronomical price outside!"

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