Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 741: Lin Ruoxin Looking for Death (15)

"She's in such a state and she can still resist me? This king spirit beast isn't simple. The more she resists, the more I want to subdue her!"

After he had finished speaking, the grey-robbed man noticed her lips moving and was shocked for a moment, thinking that she awoke from her slumber. As he wanted to reseal her consciousness, he discovered that she was merely mumbling a few words, without any traces of waking up.

The gray-robed man lightly knitted his brows and extended his ears towards her lips. "What? What Tian? What's the meaning of Tian Ya?[1] Could it be that she wanted to say the ends of the earth?"

The green-robed lady's conscious was still hazy but her lips were continuously moving.

Tian Ya...

At this moment, within the Longyuan Kingdom that was extremely far away from the Forest of No Return, Tian Ya was currently seated and sipping tea with the Yun Family's old general, Yun Luo.

"The tea of your Yun Family is still much better than outside and it's impossible for me to drink such a superb tea at other places," Tian Ya clicked his tongue and revealed a satisfied look. "It's just that we don't know when that darn girl will return. Two months have passed since she left."

Yun Luo sighed. "Feng'er has always been so, bustling about everywhere and I don't even know when would such a lifestyle end."

"Oh, right, when are Ning Xin and your family's Yun Qingya intending to get married?" Tian Ya did not wish for General Yun to be worried so he hastily changed the topic.

"This… they are thinking of waiting until Feng'er's return." General Yun helplessly smiled and raised his head to look at Tian Ya. After noticing the changes in Tian Ya's expression, he lightly furrowed his brow. "What's wrong? Did something happen?"

Tian Ya's expression was currently deathly pale and his hands tightly held his chest. He didn't know what had happened. At that moment, he suddenly felt a painful heartache! It was just like there was a person far away, softly chanting his name.

"Fu Sheng, it must be Fu Sheng! It's Fu Sheng who is calling for me!" Tian Ya did not care about General Yun's strange expression as he hastily turned to run out of the courtyard and quickly disappeared from the Yun Family Estate.


"Tian Ya, this is the Scared Fruit of my clan. I have dripped a drop of my blood inside. Consume it right now and in the future, if I'm not beside you, you'll be able to sense my longing as long as I call your name!"

"Why? Why did you betray me? I betrayed my clan for you, but what I obtained was your betrayal! Tian Ya, I no longer wish to see you for the rest of my life. You won't be able to find me for the rest of your life!"


Everything in the past emerged and replayed in Tian Ya's mind. Every scowl and smile of hers was deeply carved in his mind. All these years, he had been waiting for her to call him. However, even after waiting for several decades, he had never received that call...

But at this moment, he had finally heard it. But why did he feel that his heart was breaking? Something must have happened to Fu Sheng!

"Wait for me, Fu Sheng, you must wait for me! I've already missed you for tens of years and even if I have to walk to the ends of the earth, I will find you!"

Tian Ya howled for a long time and his voice caused a trembling vibration across the entire land. It was to the extent that everyone in the Longyuan Kingdom could hear his oath...


Forest of No Return, beside a clear pond.

The green-robed lady quietly laid on the ground. Not knowing if she had sensed something, a teardrop fell from her eyes and radiated a dazzling glimmer under the sun's illumination...

Tian Ya, I'm sorry...


[1] Tian Ya's name could also mean the ends of the world in Chinese.

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