Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 739: Lin Ruoxin Looking for Death (13)

"Remember, you shouldn't expect others to do the things that you are not able to do yourself. If you want your woman to be forever faithful to you, then you must control the lower half of your body!" Yun Luofeng sneered, "If you want others to stay faithful, then you had better do your part!"

Stay faithful?

Everyone who was about to leave was stunned and turned back to look at Yun Luofeng. For numerous years, they have always been preaching about a woman staying faithful, but it was their first time hearing about men staying faithful...

"I recognize this middle-aged man. That year, his 32nd concubine was not content with her lot, there was a rumor saying that she schemed and caused the first wife to have a miscarriage. As a result, the first wife wanted to punish the concubine but was ruthlessly beaten by her husband! Feeling despondent with his actions, she fled together with her childhood sweetheart...

"This… is this matter true? It's no wonder he was furious when he was mistaken about this lady and Lin Jun having an affair, and even brought out the Confucian moral injunctions for women.

"Women should stay faithful, but favoring the concubine and doing away with the wife is also something intolerable. It's no wonder his wife ran off with someone else…"

"Unfortunately, not long after his wife ran away, she was caught by him. In addition, he tied both of them to a pole and burned them to death!"

The voices of these people's discussion were heard by the middle-aged man, causing his expression to become increasingly awkward. However, he still did not feel that he was in the wrong! As long as he recalled the scene of that adulterous couple making love on the bed, his stomach was just like it had been set on fire, and he wished he could pull them out of the grave and whip their corpses.

Yun Luofeng turned and coldly threw out a sentence.

"If you don't get lost now, then you don't have to think of leaving here."

Whoosh! After her words were spoken, those people hastily ran and left, and their traces instantly disappeared.

Lin Yuan weakly spoke, "Can I leave too?"

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrow. "You don't want your daughter anymore?"

"No, I don't want her anymore!" Lin Yuan smiled in a flattering manner, "Can I leave now?"

"Yun Xiao, let him go!"

Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes. This Lin Yuan was still temporarily useful, so she had left him alive but he didn't have much longer left.

Feeling as if he was granted amnesty, Lin Yuan left without turning back. He had even staggered and nearly fell to the ground...

Seeing that he was about to disappear, Lin Ruoxin anxiously called out, "Father, don't leave me here!"

Unfortunately, for someone like Lin Yuan, regardless of how much he hated to part with Lin Ruoxin, he would absolutely never throw away his life because of her! Therefore, his footsteps did not stop as he hastily left the tent...

Lin Ruoxin expression was deathly pale, while her despairing gaze looked towards Yun Luofeng. "What are you going to do to me?"

"My pets lack a playmate," Yun Luofeng quirked her lips, "and you happened to appear at the right time!"

All of a sudden, countless gold-seeking hamsters appeared out of thin air within the tent shortly after. Those hamsters sharpened their teeth while they sinisterly stared at Lin Ruoxin.

At present, Lin Ruoxin no longer had time to investigate how these gold-seeking hamsters appeared out of thin air. Her eyes contained confusion as she got up, thinking of running out of the tent. She had only run a few steps before the densely packed gold-seeking hamsters pushed her down from behind and bit on her flesh without the slightest hesitation...

"Bite, bite her!" Xiao Mo sat on the bed and brandished his small fist as he spoke, "Milk Tea, Meng Meng, bite her thighs. Queen hamster, you and the left chancellor shall bite her chest! The other chancellors shall bite the other body parts!"

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