Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 737: Lin Ruoxin Looking for Death (11)

Even though Lin Ruoxin was the daughter of the City Lord, the ideology she received since she was young was that women had to obey their father, husband, and son, plus the four virtues of morality. For someone like Yun Luofeng, she did not deserve to have the likes of Yun Xiao!

"Was it also your idea to use the Hundred Herb powder to draw the spirit wolves towards me?"

"Indeed, that was instigated by me! I merely wanted to test his strength to see if he was deserving of me!" Lin Ruoxin had a complacent smile on her face, "He passed my test and possessed the qualifications to match me!"


After saying that, Lin Ruoxin felt her entire body loosening up and she stumbled while nearly falling to the ground.

This… what has happened?

Rubbing her aching head, Lin Ruoxin slightly furrowed her brows and after that, she felt the expression of disdain and ridicule in her surroundings.

Lin Ruoxin opened her mouth and turned towards Lin Yuan, "Father…"

She counted on Lin Yuan who could answer the question in her heart. However, Lin Yuan flung his head to one side as he turned away. At this moment, arguments in her surrounding sounded one after another, causing Lin Ruoxin's body to suddenly freeze...

"I didn't think that Lin Ruoxin was someone like that, but sure enough, Lin Jun was instigated by her!"

"To think I previously believed in her but had been taken advantage of by her! Even the incident of those spirit wolves was done on purpose."

Thinking back on the words they had previously used to chide Yun Luofeng, those people's expression contained remorse and even more contained the fury of being deceived! When Yun Luofeng was holding the City Lord's Estate accountable earlier on, they all had been speaking up for Lin Ruoxin and even proclaimed that she was innocent. More importantly, they even said that Lin Ruoxin was very reasonable, not like other young ladies that did not care for other's lives!

However, at this moment, the reality was like a slap that fiercely hit their faces.

Not only was it extremely painful, it was also very loud and clear!

The other young ladies were at the very most arrogant and willful, but the actual fact was that Lin Ruoxin wanted to harm someone's life! Furthermore, after harming others, she still advertised herself as innocent while fooling them!

Lin Ruoxin was dumbfounded. She did not have any impression about what she had said earlier, therefore she was completely unaware of the current situation. All of a sudden, she responded and angrily looked at Yun Luofeng.

"Was it you? Was it you who wanted to frame me? You must have controlled me earlier on. From now on, the both of us cannot exist together!"

"Enough!" Lin Yuan's expression changed, and he coldly said, "Lin Ruoxin! Others can control your body, but don't tell me they can control your mouth? How can others control the words you say?"

Hearing this, Yun Luofeng looked towards Lin Yuan and the corner of her lips slightly curved up. Did he intend to abandon Lin Ruoxin?

Obviously, Lin Yuan was not stupid. Ever since Lin Ruoxin had spoken those words, it was useless even if she tried to defend herself. Therefore, it would be better to distance himself from her! In any case, she was merely a daughter, and his mistress had just given birth to a son for him not long ago! If he wasn't worried that his reputation would be affected, he would have already brought the son back home.

Lin Ruoxin's expression finally became desperate, and she laughed wildly. That laugh of hers spread throughout the entire night scene.

"I've lost! I've lost thoroughly. However, you didn't win either! Your man has a marriage with me predestined by fate, and even if I were to die, you can never be together for your entire lifetime!"

Yun Xiao coldly looked at Lin Ruoxin and turned to Yun Luofeng. "The stone that I previously shattered wasn't some marriage stone."

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