Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 736: Lin Ruoxin Looking for Death (10)

In a split second, within the tent, everyone's sight concentrated on Lin Ruoxin and her expression turned from green to pale, and then pale to black. She walked up with big strides and once again, another slap fiercely landed on the young man.

"I truly didn't think that you would be so cowardly to go as far as to lie and frame me by making false charges!"

Making false charges? Could it be that what Miss Ruoxin meant was, that the medicinal herb's use was not allowing one to speak the truth but instead had contained poison? So the young man could not withstand the medicinal herb's toxicity, thus assisting Yun Luofeng to frame Lin Ruoxin?

Yun Luofeng turned towards Lin Ruoxin and smiled. "It seems like you do not believe in the use of this medicinal herb of mine. Since that's the case, why don't you have a try too?"

Lin Ruoxin's face turned pale. "That's a poisonous herb of yours, don't even think of harming me!"

"Won't you know if this is a poisonous herb after testing?" Yun Luofeng walked towards Lin Ruoxin progressively, while her face had a bewitching smile.

Fixing her gaze on the young lady's sinister smile, Lin Ruoxin footsteps retreated step by step. Shortly after that, she suddenly launched an attack towards Yun Luofeng. Every move was sharp and lethal as if she wanted to finish her. Just at the time when she rushed in front of her, Yun Luofeng suddenly restrained her hand and forced the medicinal herb into her mouth the way she did with the young man.


Lin Yuan's expression changed as he hastily shouted loudly. Nonetheless, he was unable to move under Yun Xiao's restraint.

"Cough cough!" Lin Ruoxin dryly coughed twice and raised her pale complexion to stare unwaveringly at the young lady's breathtaking face, "I only want to gift you a sentence. There will naturally be people who can distinguish right from wrong, good from evil. You absolutely cannot make me admit to false charges!"

Even if she were to die, she would never admit to it!

Yun Luofeng's foot suddenly kicked her and caused Lin Ruoxin's body to fly away. She then flung her white robes and retracted her legs. Her arrogant face stared towards Lin Ruoxin that fell to the ground.

"Making you admit false charges? Do you think there's a need for me to do that? If I wanted you to die, you can ask around to see if anyone here has the ability to save you!"

Lin Ruoxin's body shivered. She understood that Yun Luofeng was speaking the truth. If she wanted to kill her, no one could stop her!

"Do you think I don't have a method to deal with you if you don't admit your crimes?" Yun Luofeng sneered, "Have you heard of an attack called the soul attack? When facing someone whose strength is lower than yours, this soul attack can absorb their soul!"

What? Lin Ruoxin raised her head in astonishment and the moment she wanted to speak, an attack fiercely rammed into her mind all of a sudden, causing her brain to go blank instantly.

Shortly after, a devilish voice slowly sounded, "Who incited him?"

Lin Ruoxin's gaze was sluggish as she answered, "It was me."


With a surprising turn of events, everyone did not expect that Lin Jun was truly instructed by Lin Ruoxin! Did she admit to it just like that?

"What did you task him to complete?" Yun Luofeng's voice seemed to contain enticement that was continuously guiding her patiently and systematically.

Lin Ruoxin's eyes were sluggish as she replied foolishly. "I wanted to obtain the man beside you, therefore I had thought of using him to frame you, using this to cause misunderstanding between you. However, I never expected he would even tolerate such an affair! His strength is obviously stronger than you, so why did he tolerate this? For such a man like him, he shouldn't lower his head like that!"

Even though her expression was still lifeless, her voice had become slightly more gentle.

"He ought to be set up on high, and everyone should only have the right to serve him. Nonetheless, what have you done for him? Not only did you not display the four virtues of morality, you even instructed him to work for you! I only feel sorry for him and this unjust treatment!"

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