Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 734: Lin Ruoxin Looking for Death (8)

Lin Ruoxin's eyes were downcast and a cold glimmer flashed through her eyes. What her father said was correct. What should her hers will always be hers and no one can snatch it from her!

"Ruoxin," Lin Yuan's expression became gentler as he spoke, "Rest assured, this matter is of no relation to you and you don't have to take responsibility! Your father will support you!"

Lin Ruoxin raised her head but there was still guilt in her eyes. "But Father, this is ultimately my fault and if I do not use death as an apology, my heart is unable to be at ease."

Perhaps due to Yun Xiao's violent actions today, to the extent, others dare not say anything to his face. However, their eyes clearly contained beratement as their gaze uniformly turned toward Yun Luofeng.

Such a kindhearted woman like Miss Ruoxin, how could they have the gall to force her to such an extent? Could it be that they do not feel ashamed of themselves? Furthermore, Miss Ruoxin was completely unrelated to this matter as one of the men from the City Lord's Estate had acted on their own initiative, so she was innocent!

Yun Luofeng raised the corner of her lips as she smiled and looked at Lin Ruoxin. "If you truly want to use your death as an apology, then you can die immediately! Yun Xiao, restrain Lin Yuan. I want to see if she dares to commit suicide!"

Hearing Yun Luofeng's command, Yun Xiao's figure reached Lin Yuan in a flash as his hand tightly held onto his shoulders.

Lin Yuan's body stiffened. He wanted to break away from that man's control but realized that his own shoulder felt heavier than a thousand catties, and was incapable of moving in the slightest. His expression finally revealed terror as his expression became increasingly pale.

"Didn't you intend to use your death as an apology?" Yun Luofeng's smile was devilish and sharp, "Now that I've given you the opportunity, you can do so immediately!"

Lin Ruoxin's body lightly trembled as it started shivering. She turned towards Yun Luofeng and tightly bit on her lips. "I…"

"I've never forced you to die. You were the one who wanted to use death as an apology. Since you've spoken, you must hold true and do so. Don't tell me you were merely thinking of throwing the sympathy card and deceived everyone?"

"What nonsense are you spouting?" Lin Ruoxin flew into a rage out of humiliation as her hands placed beside her legs couldn't help but clench tight.

"I am merely speaking the truth," Yun Luofeng slightly smiled, " If you do not carry out your promise, that also proves that you wanting to use your death as an apology was empty talk. Perhaps, the incident with the bodyguard of the City Lord Estate was instigated by you!"

Lin Ruoxin's expression suddenly changed. She understood that if she didn't fulfill her promise today, she would definitely lose her credibility! Thinking of this, she slowly raised her hands towards her head...

"Miss Ruoxin, don't listen to her goading! By all means, you cannot commit a foolish action!"

Everyone's complexion was somewhat anxious but no one dared to stand out and stop Lin Ruoxin. There was no other reason other than because of the fact Yun Xiao's strength was stronger compared to theirs. They didn't have to courage to seek for death! Also, they did not understand why the City Lord hadn't taken any actions after being restrained by that man? Could it be that he wanted to witness Miss Lin Ruoxin's death without doing anything?

Under everyone's anxious gaze, Lin Ruoxin's hands had already reached her own head. She only needed to exert a little strength and her brains would crack and burst forth! However, she did not have any movement after a long time. Her deathly pale face was just like a piece of white paper that could tear in the wind.

"Why? You don't dare to take action?" Yun Luofeng slowly closed in on Lin Ruoxin, "Since that's the case, do you need my assistance? After all, you've already decided to use your death as an apology so what would it matter if I were to fulfill your wish?"

Seeing Yun Luofeng pressing near, a trace of panic flashed through Lin Ruoxin's eyes and she rushed towards Yun Luofeng with a bang...

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