Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 732: Lin Ruoxin Looking for Death (6)

Yun Luofeng's expression darkened. Even if this man was saying such embarrassing things, his expression was deadpan as if truly serious about it.

Lin Ruoxin stood up by using the ground as a support, but before she managed to stand up, Yun Xiao's cold gaze swept past her. As such, she did not manage to completely get up before she felt a heavy weight on her back and knelt down once again.

"The man from my estate said that she wanted to rape him earlier on, why are you not angered?"

"Why should I be angry?"

This was considered the first sentence Yun Xiao spoke to her, yet caused her heart to instantly fall into the ice cellar. Did he truly love her that much? To not be bothered if she had an affair with another man?

Lin Ruoxin did not know in the slightest that the reason why Yun Xiao wasn't angry was not that he was magnanimous, but instead because of something else.

And that was, trust!

Of course, the meaning of this word was very profound, and based on Lin Ruobai's intellect she was unable to understand!

Under this tense atmosphere, a soft and gentle voice could be heard from the bed.

"Mommy, Daddy, are both of you done talking? If you're done, let Mommy continue telling me stories."

The entire tent quietened down. Everyone looked over and instantly saw that the bed quilt lifted, while a jade-like fair small child rubbed his eyes and spoke gently, "I'm somewhat tired, and I'll sleep after hearing the story…"

"A child? There's a child inside this tent? Furthermore, he had addressed Yun Luofeng has his mother?"

Everyone who came looking for trouble was stunned.

The young man was also shocked. When he came in earlier, there was only Yun Luofeng alone on that sleeping pad, so when did this child appear? Furthermore, they had traveled for an entire day and yet not noticing in the slightest that Yun Luofeng had brought along a child!

"Uncle, why aren't you leaving yet!" Xiao Mo pouted and turned towards the young man. "You barged in, disturbed my mommy telling me stories and I have yet to settle this with you. Why are you holding onto my mommy without letting go and had even brought a crowd of men to bully my mommy?!"

Barged in? This guy came in on his own accord? Didn't he say he was hauled in by this woman?

"Little friend, you're saying he came in himself?"

Not everyone who came along was in cahoots with the City Lord's Estate. The reason they helped them was that they were touched by Lin Yuan's words. Now that they heard Xiao Mo's words, they naturally asked about the suspicions they had in their hearts.

"That's right," Xiao Mo blinked his eyes, "He wanted to undress my mommy when he came in but my mommy beat him up. After that, I don't know why but he tore his own clothes."

"You said he tore his own clothes?"

"Yep," Xiao Mo cutely tilted his head, "I'm still young and I don't understand what he wanted to do. Uncle, can you tell me what he wanted to do?"

Young? Hearing Xiao Mo's words, Yun Luofeng's eyebrows twitched. Xiao Mo has already lived for several thousand years and he actually said that he's still young? However, Yun Luofeng did not expose him and merely laughed grimly while looking at the scene.

Everyone stared blankly as their gaze uniformly turned to the young man. Many of these people were parents themselves! Regardless of how bast*rd they were, they would never commit such actions in front of a child!

"Little friend, Uncle has another few questions. Why haven't I seen you during the day? When did you appear?"

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