Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 728: Lin Ruoxin Looking for Death (2)

Therefore, right now how could they be willing to see Yun Luofeng intolerably bully her? Someone among the crowd spoke up.

"Miss, I'd advise you not to be unreasonable!"

"You're also aware this is being unreasonable?" Long Fei sneered, "If you have the ability, you'd better ask the City Lord's Estate to be reasonable! Since there's no such principle of being reasonable, then the matter of compensation is easy, and that is for us to call the shots!"

That person was instantly silenced as he shook his head while his face was full of helplessness. He seemed to have nothing to say towards these stubborn people.

Yun Xiao slightly furrowed his brows as he coldly glanced towards those people who were still chattering continuously. His unfeeling eyes once again sent forth an intense killing intent. Sensing Yun Xiao's glance, their bodies couldn't help but tremble, as if an incomparable chill entered their heart from the soles of their feet. In that instant, they felt that their body had descended into hell...

Lin Ruoxin bit on her lips and stood before Yun Xiao, thinking of using her own body to resist this man's aura.

"This matter is my fault and unrelated to others! Please don't take your anger out on them!"

Her cold gaze was unbending while her beautiful face was pale as she looked straight at Yun Xiao without fear.

"Miss Ruoxin…"

Looking at Lin Ruoxin's actions, their hearts trembled as they revealed gratitude, clearly not expecting Lin Ruoxin shielding them to such an extent. Although based on Lin Ruoxin's strength, she was unable to resist all of Yun Xiao's might.

Yun Xiao coldly glanced at Lin Ruoxin and the pressure he emitted became increasingly stronger. His black robes lightly fluttered and danced in the breeze as his body's aura clearly surged out, causing her to feel needles prickling her back.

Lin Ruoxin could no longer persevere and she knelt on the floor with a bang. Looking at this scene, Lin Yuan's expression turned serious as he rapidly rushed forth to lend an arm and pull her up. He then spoke with a calm and collected expression, "Aren't your actions too excessive?"

"Excessive?" Yun Luofeng sneered, "No, regardless of how I treat you, it isn't excessive!"

She was never someone who would suffer a loss, and others would only lose in her hands! If they wanted her to swallow her anger and bear with it, that was impossible!

With Yun Luofeng's words, Yun Xiao's line of sight turned from Lin Ruobai to Lin Yuan. The killing intent within his eyes became increasingly thick as he slowly walked towards him. At that instant, Lin Yuan's back unexpectedly stiffened as he raised his head in astonishment while looking at the unfeeling man walking over unhurriedly.

Just then, his breathing couldn't help but become sluggish and he nearly suffocated... as the pressure he felt was extremely heavy. Lin Yuan wanted to retreat but then realized that everyone was looking at him attentively. These gazes made him unable to retreat and he could only force himself to oppose Yun Xiao.

"Mister, this matter is indeed our City Lord's Estate's fault so no matter what you do to us, I will not have any complaint!" His voice contained a devotion to righteousness that inspired reverence. Even if he was feeling fear in his heart, his expression was magnanimous. "However, the others are innocent, and you shouldn't implicate them!"

"Yun Xiao!"

Just when Yun Xiao had already walked in front of Lin Yuan, a young lady's voice suddenly sounded behind him. This voice caused him to stop his footsteps.

"Let's wait for now."

Wait? Yun Xiao stared blankly but he nodded his head lightly, "Alright." After that, he coldly swept a glance at Lin Yuan as he slowly walked back to Yun Luofeng.

Only after Yun Xiao had left, did Lin Yuan finally release a sigh of relief. He took advantage of the fact that no one noticed him and comforted his heart...

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