Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 726: The Realm of Shamelessness (5)

Yun Xiao coldly glanced at the wolf pack that was rushing over. After that, he went all out! His speed was very fast, to the extent no one could clearly see his actions! In the blink of an eye, the spirit beasts that rushed towards Yun Luofeng and the rest had instantly fallen into a pool of blood, without any movement.

Lin Ruoxin stared blankly. She didn't even see this man taking action and this spirit wolf pack had fallen? How powerful was he? He was at least on par with her own father!

Yun Xiao seemed to have sensed something as his grim gaze slowly swept towards Lin Ruoxin.

This was the first time he had looked at her today, yet it suddenly caused her heartbeat to quicken. She no longer had her calm expression initially as she looked at him without blinking.

Looking at Lin Ruoxin and the white powder on the ground, a wave of cold killing intent gushed forth in his surroundings. He indeed wanted to kill because the people from the City Lord's Estate who had spilled the Hundred Herb powder in front of him.

Lin Ruobai's expression went pale as she turned and fiercely gave that bodyguard a slap while speaking sternly, "Who allowed you to bring Hundred Herb powder?"

The bodyguard felt unspeakable bitter suffering.

Wasn't it because you were afraid that you would not have the time to escape after meeting dangerous spirit beasts, so you asked me to bring along the powder? So that it could be used to attract the spirit beasts attention during a crucial moment, and allow you to escape easily? Furthermore, it was also you who had instigated me to do this!

Of course, he wouldn't dare to say those words out loud even if he had a gargantuan amount of courage!

"Miss, your subordinate knows his mistake."

The bodyguard knelt on the ground. "Because it is too dangerous coming into the Forest of No Return this time and I was worried that Miss and City Lord would meet with danger, so I brought along the Hundred Herb powder. I ask Miss to punish me!"

Lin Ruoxin's eyes contained disappointment as she faintly shook her head. "You mean that if we were to meet with a strong spirit beast, you would sprinkle this Hundred Herb powder on others? To achieve your objective of saving me?"

"Please forgive me!" The bodyguard's complexion was somewhat pale, but he had ultimately assumed all the responsibility!

Lin Ruoxin bitterly laughed. "You've made me very disappointed! If you had let others meet with danger in order to save me, then I would be unable to rest or eat in peace for the rest of my life!"

Yun Luofeng looked at Lin Ruoxin. If it wasn't that she had noticed that Lin Ruoxin gave the bodyguard a meaningful glance earlier on, perhaps she would truly be hoodwinked by this woman's acting!

"Lin Ying, as the bodyguard of the City Lord's Estate, you committed such a huge mistake! If my life is a life, then are other's lives not considered as a life? How can you be so selfish? What have I been teaching you all this time? One must be broad and level and never be a sinister person!"

Lin Ruoxin's face was filled with overwhelming righteousness. Her clear gaze intently watched the bodyguard while she resentfully lectured him about failing to meet her expectations.

The bodyguard lowered his head and half knelt on the ground. "Miss, your subordinate knows his mistake! It was not intentional that I sprinkled the Hundred Herb powder in front of them but purely due to my carelessness!"

"I don't care what reasons you have, wrong is wrong and if it weren't for this young master having a formidable strength, perhaps he might have met with danger! Therefore, you shall immediately apologize to them!"

After saying this, Lin Ruoxin turned towards Yun Xiao and spoke with remorse, "Apologies, it was the bodyguard of my City Lord Estate that erred, causing you to be encircled by the spirit wolves. Now that I've already educated him, I believe that he will never commit the same mistake!"

The bodyguard walked up with big strides and his face was full of regret. "Excuse me, this matter is truly a careless mistake of mine and really wasn't done on purpose to harm you. I believe that you all are people of magnanimity and will not blame me."

His words implied that he did not deliberately spill the Hundred Herb powder and Yun Luofeng her group must forgive him, otherwise they were narrow-minded people!

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