Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 725: The Realm of Shamelessness (4)

Route coincided? Lin Yuan sneered, evidently not believing her. Since you want to follow, then I'll permit you! After all, everyone other than the men of the City Lord Estate is destined to perish here!

"Since you've spoken so, then I shall not bother bickering with you!" Thinking of this, Lin Yuan could not be bothered to fuss with her as he coldly shot a glance at her before retracting his gaze. "We'll continue setting off!"

Lin Yuan's actions were within Yun Luofeng's expectations. She slightly curved the corner of her lips and spoke. "Let's go."

From the beginning, Yun Xiao did not speak. He merely retracted his gaze from Yun Luofeng and instead began to look towards Lin Yuan and the rest that was walking in front. Killing intent gradually rose within his unfeeling gaze.


The road was very quiet afterward and unfortunately, this sort of peaceful route did not continue for long as it was disturbed by furious howling.


Suddenly, a large pack of wolves rushed from the front and pounced towards these humans.

Within the crowd, someone spoke in an excited tone, "It's a pack of spirit wolves! It's rumored that there will definitely be treasures in the places where they are at. We've struck it rich this time around!"

Lin Yuan's entire being stared distractedly and his expression was somewhat surprised. Treasures? Could they truly discover treasures within this huge forest?

While he was in shock, those spirit wolves had already pounced ahead of him. He quickly recovered his senses and fought against the wolf pack...

A glimmer flashed through Lin Ruoxin's eyes and she gave the bodyguard beside her a meaningful glance. Noticing her glance, he nodded and shortly after, he acted as if he had unconsciously bumped against Yun Luofeng and her group...


His body heavily fell on the ground and a fragrance pouch hidden in his pocket fell out. As luck would have it, the bodyguard's sword accidentally slashed the pouch. Instantly, a hole was sliced in the pouch and white powder spilled out from it...

After smelling the fragrance of the white powder, the spirit wolves abruptly went berserk as if they had received some sort of stimulation and rushed in Yun Luofeng's direction...

Looking at this scene, Lin Ruoxin lightly raised the corner of her lips. A smile unconsciously appeared on her face.

Ever since entering the Forest of No Return, not knowing what was with the spirit beasts, they had never assaulted Yun Xiao and the rest all along! This resulted in her being unable to test to see if Yun Xiao was worthy of her. However, luckily she had prepared beforehand. As long as this Hundred Herb powder was spilled in front of him, any spirit beast that smelled this scent would turn berserk and launch a frantic attack!

Of course, that was excluding spirit beasts with high intelligence!

Other than knowing how to attack humans, this spirit wolf was weak-minded in other aspects! As such, having seen the pack, she wanted to use this and test Yun Xiao...

After finishing the task and afraid of bringing disaster on himself, he hastily retreated and revealed delight. If one did not have the strength of a sky-level expert, it was impossible to deal with so many spirit wolves! It seems that these people would definitely perish here!

Lin Yuan and the rest did not budge and acted as if nothing had happened while quietly standing on the spot, looking at them like a bystander. It was as if the person who directed the pack towards Yun Luofeng wasn't him...

"Virtue has its rewards and evil has its retribution! These spirit wolves abandoned attacking us because they can distinguish the right and wrong, knowing who is good and who is evil."

After all, not everyone was able to identify the Hundred Herb powder! Some had never studied medicine, so they were naturally unaware that the powder would cause spirit beasts to turn violent. They stubbornly believed the wolves had assaulted Yun Luofeng because she was an evil person.

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