Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 723: The Realm of Shamelessness (2)

The Forest of No Return stretched long and unbroken for a thousand miles. Within the underbrush, spiritual beasts would scuttle past from time to time, but very soon, they had been beheaded by Lin Yuan's subordinates!

Yun Luofeng indifferently walked at the rear of the crowd. Compared to the others whose senses were stretched taut, her expression was very relaxed.

What a joke! The king spirit beast of the Forest of No Return was right beside her, so why would she need to worry about those beasts that would attack humans from time to time?

Perhaps because of Su Zheng's oppression as the king spirit beast, no one had dared to find trouble for Yun Luofeng and her group. Lin Ruoxin looked at Yun Xiao who was walking at the rear and an unknown glimmer flashed across her clear eyes. Ultimately, she picked up a canteen and walked towards Yun Xiao.

"I noticed that all of you did not bring any canteen. This belongs to our estate, but I'll loan it to you temporarily."

She repeatedly mentioned all of you but her eyes were only locked on Yun Xiao and the canteen in her hands was offered to Yun Xiao. Yun Xiao seemed to not have noticed her emergence, and stared at Yun Luofeng all along. It was as if there was only her existence in his eyes and there was no room for others!

Lin Ruoxin's expression was somewhat unsightly and her hand awkwardly stretched towards Yun Xiao. Just when she took in a deep breath and wanted to retract her hands, a huge rough hand extended out from the side all of a sudden and snatched her canteen.

"It seems like the Miss of the City Lord's Estate is open-minded," Su Zheng sneered and spoke with sarcasm. "Someone already has a wife, yet you still wish to seduce them!? The upbringing of the City Lord Estate is truly great, having taught his daughter to seduce someone else's man."

Although Su Zheng was comparatively more lecherous, he also had a certain standard. For example, he absolutely would never tease a woman that had a husband. This was the reason why he did not tease Yun Luofeng right now.


After throwing those words, Su Zheng opened the canteen and raised his head to empty the bottle. He wiped his lips and spoke sneeringly, "I'm tasting to see if this water has been spiked. Based on the character of you people from the City Lord's Estate, perhaps you would have done such a thing!"

Lin Ruoxin's expression instantly turned serious and her cold eyes contained a violent storm.

"What did you just say?" Lin Yuan tightly clenched his fist, "My daughter delivered water to you out of kindness but who would have thought that you would accuse her falsely as such! It seems that being kind in this world isn't easy!"

Su Zheng snorted. He merely disliked this father and daughter's morality and conduct. Especially this Lin Ruoxin...

Did they think he couldn't figure out that this woman was watching Yun Xiao during the whole journey? If she did not harbor such thoughts, then why did she not pay attention to others, yet insist on looking at Yun Xiao?

"Where did these people come from, and why do they set themselves against the City Lord in every aspect?"

"Even Miss Ruoxin's good intentions have been misunderstood by them! Based on Miss Ruoxin's beauty and talent, any man would follow her if she beckoned them. Although this man is quite good-looking, his strength might not necessarily be worthy of her!"

"Not taking the canteen earlier is also because he has some self-awareness, knowing that he is not well-suited for Miss Ruoxin!"

Everyone angrily spoke and their angry words swept towards Yun Luofeng and the rest like a sharp knife. It was in Yun Luofeng's nature to protect the people around her and shield their shortcomings. She could disregard it if others were to speak about her, but she would never allow others to ridicule them. Therefore, after hearing their words, Yun Luofeng laughed and beckoned to the person who said the last sentence.

"You, come here."

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