Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 721: How is he a Hypocrite? (4)

The others had instead disregarded this young man, and their eyes were filled with a sudden realization.

"So it turned out to be just a cramp. Like I said, how could he be slapped by someone else? I clearly didn't see anyone there!"

"The City Lord is truly kind, and actually provided the physician in his Estate to treat him. It's my first time seeing such a kind and powerful expert."

The gaze of everyone that looked towards the City Lord was filled with respect, and his position in their hearts increased a little.

Yun Luofeng looked at the man standing beside her. Although others did not see, she had clearly noticed that it was Yun Xiao who took action earlier on. Thinking of this, her lips curved and she smiled. "Yun Xiao, have you come up with a name for the move you executed earlier?"

"No." Yun Xiao honestly replied.

Yun Luofeng gently pinched her chin and blinked her eyes. "Then in the future, this move shall be called...Hitting Cow in Air!"

This was the legendary move Hitting Cow in Air!

Long Fei blinked his eyes in a daze. Isn't this name too tacky?

Just when he wanted to input his opinion, the man's deep and muffled voice slowly sounded, "Alright."


Did he just say alright?"

He could actually accept such a tacky name?

Long Fei was thoroughly speechless. His master's lover had indeed taken advice from her words.

"Oh right, Master, how did you know that Lin Yuan had sexual fantasies towards a painting?" Long Fei seemed to have recalled something as he questioned.

Yun Luofeng looked at him. "Three days ago after asked for my help, I sent Milk Tea into the City Lord's Estate to fish for information. I didn't expect Milk Tea to encounter such a scene."

Long Fei originally thought that Yun Luofeng had said it casually and didn't expect such a thing had actually happened. On the spot, he turned and looked at Su Zheng. "Martial Uncle, I didn't think there was someone even more vulgar than you."

At most, his Martial Uncle merely flipped one's skirt and stole undergarments. It was much better than facing a painting and doing such a disgusting action. In contrast, his own Martial Uncle was considered much more decent.

"That's right," Su Zhen raised his head and stuck out his chest, being immensely proud of himself, "In any case I, your Martial Uncle, is a person of honorable personality. How can that vulgar bastard be worthy to be compared with me? I despise him!"

Long Fei held his forehead. He truly did not wish to be acquainted with this person.

Fortunately, everyone surrounding the city gates was encircling Lin Yuan and his daughter and no one had paid attention to Yun Luofeng's group! As such, their conversation was not heard by others.

"City Lord, we still have a matter that has yet to be resolved. How should we take care of these people who slandered you?"

"As everyone is aware, the City Lord is besotted towards his wife and has never taken a concubine. There are only a few such faithful men in this world, but she actually falsely slandered the City Lord's feelings towards his wife and even claimed that he had a sexual fantasy with a painting of a woman! This matter could happen to anyone but absolutely not the City Lord!"

Furious pairs of eyes glared towards Yun Luofeng, and their expression was just like they wanted to eat her up. Yun Xiao's hands once again slowly raised up...

Just then, Yun Luofeng restrained his palms while her smile appeared on her breathtaking gorgeous face.

"I'll gift you a sentence. If you don't want people to know what you did, don't do it!"

Lin Yuan's heart slightly trembled. Without knowing why, he felt that this young lady understood him completely. Seemingly she even knew his motive for going into the Forest of No Return!

"What nonsense are you talking about?" He angrily shouted and pretended to claim innocence.

"I only want to ask you one thing. Will you promise that you will only exert yourself and not take any treasures from the Forest of No Return? Including any precious medicinal ingredients?" Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes and a devious smile emerged on her lips.

The feeling of finding treasures but being unable to take possession of them was exceptionally difficult to bear! However, the moment he wanted those treasures, it would also prove that what he said were all lies!

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