Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 720: How is he a Hypocrite? (3)

"Indeed, I do not expect them to be as noble as the City Lord, but at least they should express their gratitude when the City Lord has sacrificed this much! But what is with their attitude? Not only did they not express gratitude, they even ignored the City Lord's questioning!"

Each and everyone said one sentence, sufficiently displaying their disdain towards Yun Luofeng and the rest. Long Fei was angered to the point his internal organs were trembling. His eyes coldly swept across the crowd that was hooting and carved each and every one of their appearances into his brain!

He would let them suffer when they arrived in the Forest of No Return!

"That's right," Under the masses' angry voices, Yun Luofeng finally spoke, "I am not as honorable as the City Lord because I will not hold a woman's portrait and have a sexual fantasy about her."

Lin Yuan stared blankly and his eyes revealed that he was flustered.

She knows!

How did she know?

Regarding this matter, even his daughter was unaware, so how did this woman know and who exactly is she?

Long Fei looked towards Yun Luofeng with a puzzled look and his gaze revealed confusion.

"Miss!" Lin Yuan's expression turned solemn, "I do not know what grudge you have against me that would cause you to slander me this way! Everyone is aware that I, Lin Yuan, am faithful to my wife and I have never even taken a concubine! You actually say that I have a sexual fantasy involving a painting?"

"Not taking in concubines doesn't mean that you don't have a woman outside your house."

Lin Yuan's expression once changed again. "Miss, you have to bear responsibility for the words you speak. I'll believe that you are young and ignorant and not argue with you. However, you had better have some evidence the next time you speak!"

The crowd that was silent earlier on had once again intensely criticized her when Lin Yuan and Yun Luofeng were arguing with each other. Those people were extremely angry with her. In their mind, Lin Yuan was the most honorable person, yet this woman dared to accuse him! How could they tolerate it?

"Miss, the City Lord has a good temper and did not bother to argue with you, but if it was us, we would have long sent you flying with a slap!"

"If you are unable to learn from the City Lord's righteousness, then you should learn from Miss Ruoxin's tranquil and calm personality! The way you speak is excessively immoral!"

"If all the women on earth were the same as Miss Ruoxin, then all man would be blessed. Unfortunately, there are some people who can't compare to even a strand of her hair!"


Before this young man finished speaking, he felt a palm strike fiercely landing on his face that caused him to feel dizzy and his eyes to dim. He then angrily spoke, "Who was it?! Who hit me earlier on?"

Silence! The entire city gate area was unusually quiet.

The young man angrily grabbed the lapels of the man beside him and snarled, "Speak, was it you who hit me earlier on?"

"Are you crazy?" That person pushed the young man away and rearranged his lapels while spitting out a word, "Nutjob!"


Another slap fiercely flung down, directly making this young man's figure fly out. Looking at this scene, everyone sucked in a cold breath.

Did we actually encounter a ghost?

The young man got up from the ground and he no longer had the mind to continue scolding. His complexion turned pale and then green, while his eyes contained fear and his body couldn't help but tremble. Nothing was more fearful than an undetectable enemy.

"Alright," Lin Yuan slightly furrowed his brows and looked towards the young man while speaking, "Are there any problems with your body? I think that you pulled a tendon, resulting in a cramp. Coincidentally, I have a physician in my estate. It's better that you withdraw from this trip and recuperate at my place."

That young man was clearly shocked silly. Was it a cramp? But he clearly felt that he had been slapped by someone!

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