Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 719: How is he a Hypocrite? (2)

"However…" Lin Yuan paused for a moment, "I've already heard that the king spirit beasts within the Forest of No Return are unable to appear and battle with us! We only have to deal with the other spirit beasts! As such, the mission this time around is not as arduous and difficult as you think."


The crowd was suddenly in an uproar. Lin Yuan's words were like a stone that shot into a tranquil lake, resulting in great waves.

"City Lord, there's something that I don't understand. Since the mission this time isn't dangerous, why have you asked us to head out with you?"

Lin Yuan smiled and spoke magnanimously. "I, Lin Yuan have never been the type of person that monopolizes treasures. Since treasures have appeared within the Forest of No Return, then I have to share them with everyone. This is my usual standard of conduct!"

Everyone looked grateful, and some people's expression even contained respect.

"The City Lord's personal character has always been honorable. I've never seen someone with a character better than his in my entire life!"

"If it was someone else, they would definitely monopolize the treasures. Only the City Lord is willing to take it out and share it with us!"

"Long live the City Lord!" Resounding voices erupted from outside of the city gates.

With no grounds for criticism, Lin Yuan had caused everyone to believe in him without a doubt through these few words.

"Hypocrite!" Long Fei snorted and spoke with sarcasm. His voice was extremely low and coupled with the fact that his voice had been suppressed by the other high spirited voices, no one had noticed his existence.

Lin Yuan once again raised his hands to stop everyone as he spoke indifferently, "Also, I am not entering the Forest of No Return for the treasures. I am merely bringing along my daughter to learn through real-life experience. As such, I will not take any treasures within the Forest of No Return and everything will be collected by you!"

His words were received by the crowd and once again caused a huge sensation. There were even some people who were so touched that they shed tears. They had never seen anyone who was more selfless than Lin Yuan in their whole life! If he wasn't a person of noble character, then who was worthy of that title?

Looking at these deeply grateful expressions, Lin Yuan internally sneered.

A bunch of idiots!

How would he know where are the treasures located in the Forest of No Return? He was entering the forest merely to look for that woman! It was a joke that these people were being treated like cannon fodder but thankful to him!

However, there are exceptions to everything...

Lin Yuan suddenly discovered a group of people who were not moved by his words but had instead stood rooted on the ground in disapproval. Not knowing if it was his misconception, but was that actually disdain in these people's faces?

"Cough cough!" Lin Yuan dryly coughed and his stern gaze directly looked at Yun Luofeng and the rest as he questioned with indifference, "May I know if the four of you have any thoughts?"

Within the four people, there was a middle-aged man while the others were very young. The most dazzling ones were the man and woman standing in the front. Looking at the young lady's white robes and magnificent style unmatched in this generation, she lazily leaned on the city walls while her pitch-black eyes were full of smiling intent.

The black-robed man standing beside her had a grim expressionless look as if his face was paralyzed. It was as though there was nothing that would cause his expression to change. He was just like a god that quietly kept watch beside the young lady while remaining unmoved.

"Who are these people? Who invited them here?" Within the crowd, a discontented voice suddenly sounded.

"The City Lord has sacrificed so much for us and these people aren't even expressing their thanks. Their shameless character is exactly opposite to the City Lord's honorable character."

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