Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 718: How is he a Hypocrite? (1)

Brothel? His eyes brightened as he hastily followed Long Fei and left.

"At least you're tactful and know how to show filial respect to your Martial Uncle! I heard that there is a brothel in the Spirit City where the ladies are very beautiful. Let's go, I'll bring you there immediately."


City Lord's Estate.

Within the luxurious study room, Lin Yuan's hands lightly caressed the painting on the table while his gaze was extremely gentle. The lady in the painting was dressed in green and had an ethereal beauty. Her hands held a jade flute, and she attractively sat at the foot of a tree with a smile on her face. Her smile was just like a warm sun that gradually covered her surroundings in this dry and dull land, forming an exceptionally beautiful scene.

"Fu Sheng…"

Lin Yuan bent down and his tongue lightly licked the painting. His expression revealed pleasure as he softly muttered, "Regardless of whether you are human or a spirit beast, I will have you! Even if I have to burn down your entire Forest of No Return with a torch!"

If it was in the past, he wouldn't even dare to think of doing such a thing. However, not long ago he had obtained a piece of news.

The king spirit beasts in the Forest of No Return had all been sealed!

Wasn't this because the heavens had seen that he yearned for her so many years and gave him this opportunity?


From outside the door, a cold voice could be heard, scaring Lin Yuan as he hastily hid the painting and dryly coughed before he replied, "Enter."

The door of the room was slowly pushed open. Covered in sunlight, the young lady slowly walked in and her full thick hair flew in the breeze. Her expression was cold and her clear and elegant complexion slightly glowed in the sunlight.

"Ruoxin, you're back?"

Lin Yuan no longer had the wretched look of before as he spoke with a serious expression, "There are three more days until the day we set off into the Forest of No Return! At that time, you had better be prepared. Furthermore, there will be plenty of young and talented men among the experts I've gathered and you can find someone to get married to among them."

Lin Ruoxin slightly paused. At that moment, an unfeeling expression appeared in her mind.

"Father, I think I already have a candidate for my future husband."

"Oh?" Lin Yuan looked at Lin Ruoxin, "And who is that man? Did you bring him here for me to meet?"

Lin Ruoxin shook her head. "I'm still observing him. Once he passes my inspection I will immediately get married to him!"

Hearing this, Lin Yuan did not say anything else. He had always trusted his daughter's foresight.

"Since that's the case, then you can make your own decision. You can leave first." Lin Yuan waved his hands and spoke indifferently.


Lin Ruoxin bowed and retreated from the study room. The moment she left, her heart relaxed little by little. Earlier on, she was truly afraid that her father would interrogate her about that person. If that happened, her father would definitely send men out to investigate him, and that would disrupt her plans!

Lin Ruoxin thought that Lin Yuan truly felt reassured by her so he did not interrogate any further. What she didn't know was that the other party merely wanted her to leave quickly. The moment Lin Ruoxin had closed the study room door, Lin Yuan took out that painting once again and extended his disgusting tongue to lick it from top to bottom. His expression was just like he was licking a genuine person...

Especially since when he was lightly licking the woman in the painting, he produced a lewd moaning sound...


Three days later, it was the day when experts within Spirit City set off for the Forest of No Return. In the early morning, the entire city gates had been surrounded. By the time Yun Luofeng and the rest arrived there was already an impenetrable crowd.


Lin Yuan raised his hand, and instantly the noise around the city gates quieted down.

He cleared his throat and continued speaking, "Presumably everyone is already aware that the location we are heading to this time around is the Forest of No Return! It's considered a place of riches and honor among the dangers. Even if there are dangers during this trip, if you are able to come out alive, your strength will definitely have a substantial change!"

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