Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 715: Long Fei’s Master (2)

Yun Luofeng raised her brows, "If you want to offer an apology, then I shall accept it. But if you want to know our names, then please forgive me as I have nothing to tell you!"

After saying this, Yun Luofeng turned and left. As for Yun Xiao… he had never looked this group of people in the eyes all along.

"Miss!" The servant girl angrily stomped her foot. "Are you letting them off just like that?"

"What else could I have done?" Lin Ruoxin's eyebrows slightly furrowed, "Since this stone is known as a marriage stone, then it proves that the person it smashes is my future husband! Unfortunately, it had been smashed by him. But even if that's the case, the person that the marriage stone was looking for was him!"

"Miss, I cannot sense any aura [1]from that man. Perhaps he's not worthy of you…"

"The marriage stone will only react towards my destined person! Since the stone chose him, it definitely has its reason! However, I need to observe more to see if this man is worthy of me!"

When Lin Ruoxin said that, she revealed an air of arrogance. As the daughter of the City Lord of Spirit City, she naturally had the right to be arrogant. The person that was worthy of her was bound to be a giant among men!

"But Miss, it seems like that man already has a wife," the servant maid weakly said.

Those two seemed extremely close and definitely had the relation of a husband and wife. If Miss wanted to obtain that man, she was afraid that it wouldn't be that easy.

Lin Ruoxin faintly smiled. "This is not within the scope of my consideration. I will only think about whether this man has the strength to be worthy of me and other things do not matter."

She had the confidence that as long as it was a man she fancies, they were unable to escape from her palms.

"Let's go, we shall return to the City Lord's Estate. In addition, this matter cannot be known by my father."

"I understand, Miss!"

After the two of them turned and left, two silhouettes gradually walked out from the restaurant onto the noisy streets.

"Master," a red-clothed lady slightly smiled and lowered her head to look at the young child beside her, "I acted in accordance with your command and got in contact with Lin Ruoxin. Furthermore, I sold the marriage stone to her."

Yun Xiao's aura had been infused in this marriage stone by Jinyu and as long as Yun Xiao was in this location, the marriage stone would locate him! It was such a joke that Lin Ruoxin had truly believed in her words and thought that the marriage stone could find her destined man!

Destined? Chuckle, in this world, there's no such a thing as destined...

Bai Su lightly nodded. "I am still unable to take action against them at this moment, but I will not let them live too peacefully! However, this Lin Ruoxin wouldn't be much of a disturbance between them, and we still have to rely on Yun Xiao's mother to deal with them!"

Even if Yun Xiao's mother loves her son dearly, a daughter-in-law that she has never been in contact with before will at most be an acquaintance and cannot be considered a close family member! If he could make use of the foster daughter alongside Yun Xiao's mother, perhaps he could separate them. Facing a daughter-in-law that she had never met and a foster daughter she raised up, no one would be unaware of who was more important.

"Yes, Master." Jinyu respectfully spoke.

She would never reject Bai Su's requests! Even if he wanted her to commit suicide by cutting her throat, she would lift her sword without the slightest hesitation...

Bai Su did not say anything else. He waved his robes while turning and walking in the direction to head outside of the City gates.


At an Inn.

Yun Luofeng looked at the two people who had followed her and her eyebrow slightly raised. "What's wrong? Is there anything else?"

[1] The servant maid is implying that Yun Xiao is weak cause she can't sense any aura from him...

P.S. Gurl, you gotta get your eyes checked.

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