Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 712: Passing by Each Other (2)

Yun Xiao's expression was grim as he kept silent, not even sparing a glance at the red-robed lady, as if not noticing her existence...

"My man doesn't like to speak," Yun Luofeng lightly smiled, "His name is... Yun Mo!"

Within the God Code World, Xiao Mo pouted. Why couldn't my Master fabricate another name casually? Why did she insist on using my name?

"Let's go," Ye Jingchen pulled on the red-robed lady's clothing and spoke, "They're not the ones we're looking for."


The red-robed lady nodded and spoke apologetically, "My apologies, I had mistaken you for another person earlier on! Brother Ye, let's continue setting off." She slowly turned and her eyes revealed a trace of disappointment.

Within this Forest of No Return, not many would be here. When she saw these two young people, it was inevitable that she had mistaken them as her own son and daughter-in-law. Now it seemed that she had recognized the wrong people...


After mounting the horse, Ye Jingchen allowed the red-robed lady to hug his waist before waving the long whip and immediately rushed into the Forest of No Return. At the same time, Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao turned, intending to leave. At this moment, the four of them did not anticipate that their next meeting would be a long time later because of this missed opportunity…

Yun Luofeng did not even think that the red-robed lady before her was the person they had searched strenuously for!


Passing through the Forest of No Return meant that they've arrived in the Land of No Return. At this moment, within a city not far from the Forest of No Return, Yun Luofeng was sitting in a teahouse while looking out.

"It's been almost an hour. Why hasn't Yun Xiao returned yet?"

When they entered this bustling city earlier on, they were notified that many inns were fully booked. To prevent Yun Luofeng from straining herself, Yun Xiao had asked her to wait for him in the teahouse while he went to search if there were any inns with empty rooms.

It had been an hour since he left, and Yun Luofeng had also been waiting here for an hour.


Suddenly, a familiar figure outside the window reflected in her eyes, causing her to stand up instantly and casually throw a silver while she hastily went out.

"Long Fei, it's been a long time. I didn't expect to meet you here."

On the main street, Long Fei was absent-mindedly walking among the crowd when he heard a voice before him and was startled. Lifting his head, his eyes met with another pair of eyes that seemed to be smiling yet not smiling.

"My lo... lord…" Long Fei stared blankly and spoke somewhat without confidence, "Why are you here?"

Yun Luofeng raised the corner of her lips. "When I returned from Huangquan City, I had been informed that you had already left the General's Estate. I didn't expect to meet you here. Right now, do you have any words you would like to say to me?"

Looking at the figure that was closing in, Long Fei subconsciously retreated two steps back.

"I came here because of some matters and was originally going to return to the Longyuan Kingdom after settling my affairs. I didn't expect you would have chased me here that quickly." In Long Fei's opinion, this woman must have chased him here because she wanted him to fulfill his promise!

"Long Fei," Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes, "I am very curious about something right now."

"What is it?"

"You are incapable of passing through the Forest of No Return with your ability. I would like to know, how did you shuttle back on forth between these two Continents?" Yun Luofeng smiled bewitchingly and looked at Long Fei.

"This..." Long Fei spoke while having a guilty conscience, "Because there's a king spiritual beast in this Forest of No Return that is indebted to my Master. Thus, I was able… to shuttle back and forth freely."

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