Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 710: Land of No Return (3)

"Brother Ye…"

"Alright, let's not discuss this anymore. I heard from that person in the Longxiao Continent that Xiao'er and Feng'er had already left for a period of time. Perhaps they might have already reached the Land of No Return. How about this, when the time comes, we will take the risk and travel into the Forest of No Return while sending Mo'er to scout for their news at other places."

Ye Jingchen slightly smiled. "That son and daughter-in-law of ours are individuals who cause trouble easily, and if they have truly arrived in the Land of No Return their news will be spread into Mo'er's ears very soon. I'll have him be mindful of this.

The red-robed lady was speechless.

Individuals who cause trouble easily? Would there be someone like you who describes their son and daughter-in-law as such?

"This…" the red-robed lady was somewhat nervous, "So many years has passed, do you think Xiao'er will still acknowledge me as his mother? In any case, this is also the first meeting with my future daughter-in-law, should I prepare some gifts? Will she like me as her mother-in-law?"

This time, it was Ye Jingchen who was speechless.

He had only heard before about a daughter-in-law being nervous when meeting their mother-in-law, but he had never seen a mother-in-law nervous to such an extent. He wanted to ask, where did the strength you had when you charged and broke through the enemy lines go to?

What about the courage you had while tearing apart your enemies?

He understood that his own woman's personality was as such. She would be vicious and merciless in the face of enemies while softening in front of family members...

Otherwise, she wouldn't have been willing to suffer grievances in the Ye Family all these years. Thinking back to the attitude those people from Ye Family had towards her, Ye Jingchen couldn't help but release a sigh and tightly held her.

"After finding Xiao'er, let's have the whole family stay outside and never return to a place like the Ye Family. I will never let you suffer any unfair treatment anymore!" Ye Jingchen's expression contained resolution, "Even if you are unable to give birth, it's sufficient that we have Xiao'er!"

He had never cared about whether she could have a baby or not, and he only cared if she could stay beside him eternally. If the Ye Family was unable to accommodate her, then he would not return to that place for the rest of his life!

"Brother Ye…" The red-robed lady felt touched in her heart. She understood that this man had abandoned everything for her! So much so that he had given up the position as the Ye Family's heir, just to be beside her!

"Foster Father, Foster Mother, you were looking for me?"

Suddenly a clear and bright voice could be heard from the entrance and instantly attracted the attention of two of them who were sharing an intimate moment.

There was an unusually handsome man leaning against the door frame with both hands holding on to his sword. His legs were crossed, and the corner of his lips had a curve that radiated his dashing aura. His sharp eyebrows pointed to his temples, while his eyes were like the stars and a headful of ink-like black hair slightly flew in the breeze. His entire being was full of vitality and heroic spirit.

"Mo'er, you came just in time." Ye Jingchen's eyebrows relaxed, and he said while slightly smiling, "I have a task for you right now. I reckon that your little brother and his wife have already come to the Land of No Return, so I want you to immediately head out and search for them. If you manage to locate them, inform your foster mother and me via sound transmission."

The man raised his sword-like brows and stood up straight. "I've also wanted to see my little brother and his wife too. Foster Father, you can rest assured and leave this task to me. If I am able to locate them, I will definitely bring them back safe and sound."

Ye Jingchen's eyes contained a smile within. "With you handling things, I will definitely be at ease!"

After accepting the task, Ye Ximo left the study room. However, before he managed to walk more than a few steps, a petite figure blocked his path.

"Big Brother, what matters did Foster Father find you for?" Ye Qi blinked her eyes and her curious appearance looked particularly simple and naive, causing others to feel like cherishing her. However, without knowing why, Ye Ximo never had any good feelings towards this foster sister of his.

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