Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 709: Land of No Return (2)

"What did you just say?"

Xiao'er's here?

He is here in the Land of No Return to look for me?

"That year when I went to the Longxiao Continent, I helped someone there. Although that person's position within the Continent isn't very powerful, at the very least, he has been reporting the situation about Xiao'er these few years to me via a sound transmitter. Just a while ago he had received news that Xiao'er and our daughter-in-law had left for the Land of No Return. The news that he has passed on has never been wrong!"

The red-robed lady retreated two steps and her hands tightly covered her lips while tears slowly streamed down from her eyes.

That year when she left the Xiao Family, she did not cry.

When that woman sent someone to assassinate her, causing her to be seriously injured, she didn't cry.

Even after coming to the Land of No Return and experiencing numerous dangers and torments, while she even had a narrow escape several times, she didn't even cry.

But this time around, she had cried!

Just like that time when Yun Xiao had been chased out of the Family, she had hugged him and cried bitterly. At that time she cried because she was too weak and was unable to protect her son! However, this time she had cried tears of joy.

How many years has it been? How many years has she not seen him? and how many years of his growth did she miss out? All these years, he had suffered too many grievances and experienced numerous torments in order to have his achievements of today!

"Brother Ye, I want to look for them in the Forest of No Return!"

There were still streaks of tears on the red-robed lady's face but her phoenix-like eyes were firm. "There are many spiritual beasts in the Forest of No Return that loathe humans, especially those sage level beasts! If it weren't for their existence, I would have gone back to the Longxiao Continent long ago, and I wouldn't have been unable to see him for over ten years!" The lady tightly bit her lips.

That year, she had stepped into the Forest of No Return in order to look for Yun Xiao but had been seriously injured by the attacks of those spiritual beasts. Only after coincidentally meeting with Ye Jingchen did she find out about the secret of the Forest of No Return!

The reason why the Forest of No Return was dangerous was that there are several king spiritual beasts and their strength were comparable to a sage-level beast! However, these few beasts would enter a state of slumber every ten years or so.

That year, Ye Jingchen only went into the Forest of No Return when the sage-level spiritual beasts were in slumber that year.

"I'll accompany you."

Ye Jingchen held onto the red-robed lady's waist as he gently spoke. "This time around, it won't be just Xiao'er coming, but also our future daughter-in-law! I heard that our daughter-in-law is very capable and has caused a huge sensation in the Longxiao Continent."

The red-robed lady raised her head and looked towards Ye Jingchen as she spoke, "Thank you, Brother Ye. In the recent years, if it weren't for you, I would have long been dead."

Ye Jingchen chuckled. "Being able to meet you is my happiness throughout this life, so what's there to thank me for?"

The red-robed lady bitterly laughed. "All these years, I haven't been able to give birth to a child for you. Otherwise, you wouldn't have been chased out by the Ye Family."

Ever since she had been injured that year, she could no longer give birth and even after seeking for famous physicians throughout, there was still no cure. This was also the biggest regret of her life.

"Having Xiao'er is sufficient. Your son is also my son, and I will treat him as my own child." Contrary to what she expected, Ye Jingchen refuted her words, "Furthermore, we also have Mo'er and Qi'er. Although they were adopted by us, at the very least, they are very obedient and this can be considered as making up for the loss."

How would she not know that Ye Jingchen was consoling her? However, the more he consoled her, the more her heart sank.

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