Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 705: Falling in Love at First Sight (3)

"What made me curious is that the hamster queen could actually speak the human language!" Her hands lightly propped her chin while her gaze contained contemplation, "Spiritual beasts must at least be at the god-level realm to speak the human language!"

The level above sky-level cultivator was god-level cultivator!

For this hamster queen to be able to speak proved that she was a god-level cultivator! However...

"Even if she were to consume a thousand stalks of thousand-year-old medicinal herbs, it would be impossible to break through to the god-level realm. Thus, I wanted to stay as there might be some treasure within this hamster tribe."

Naturally, there was another reason.

The other reason was Milk Tea who fell in love at first sight with Meng Meng! In any case, this was Milk Tea's first love, so how could she not lend him a helping hand?

In the underground world, there was no daytime. However, the spiritual beasts could differentiate the time without it. Yun Luofeng did not rest for a long time before there was a gold-seeking hamster who came to call her to join the banquet.

In the banqueting hall, the hamster queen sat on a chair set up on high, and the back of the chair had a design of a hamster head.

Meng Meng obediently sat behind the queen hamster and her large eyes were smiling towards Milk Tea. After she saw Milk Tea looking over, she winked at him and her face was full of wit.


Milk Tea's brain crashed on the spot as he looked at Meng Meng foolishly, completely unable to stop his frantically beating heart.

"Master, did you see that? Meng Meng was flirting with me, she's flirting with me."

At this moment, Milk Tea's eyes seemed to be radiating hearts as his face revealed him being foolishly in love. Yun Luofeng wanted to say that the other party was clearly only greeting you, but it turned into flirting in your eyes...

"My guests, you should have noticed it but other than me in my tribe, the other gold-seeking hamster's strengths are weak." The hamster queen smiled bitterly as she spoke, "In this Forest of No Return, there are too many powerful spiritual beasts, so we were forced underground! Furthermore, I have also told them repeatedly that without my accompaniment, no clansmen are allowed to leave the underground. Who knew that my daughter would be so disobedient and had ultimately gone up to the surface!"

Yun Luofeng put down the wine cup in her hands, got straight to the point and asked, "Gold-seeking hamsters will typically not have such a huge accomplishment for their entire life. May I know through what means did you manage to advance to be that powerful?"

Perhaps Yun Luofeng had asked a question that she wasn't supposed to. All the subjects of the hamster clan turned their heads towards Yun Luofeng in a split second, and their gaze contained warning.

Facing these warning gazes, Yun Luofeng pursed her lips and her pitch-black eyes directly stared at the hamster queen, seemingly not noticing their gaze.

The queen raised her hands, putting a stop to her subjects as she faintly smiled. "I had drunk a pot of spring water that year by chance and it allowed my strength to break through to the god-level cultivation realm in an instant! As such, I became the queen of the hamster tribe.

Spring water?

Yun Luofeng lowered her eyes and asked, "Xiao Mo, do you know what spring water is that?"

Xiao Mo muttered to himself irresolutely for a long time before replying. "If my guess isn't wrong, that should be spiritual water, spring water that is formed by spiritual energy! This spring water is better than the one Xiao Bai has at her home. Of course, the effects are also very overbearing and if humans were to consume that spirit water, they will instantly explode and die!"

Hearing these words, Yun Luofeng sighed. It seems like even if she were to obtain the spring water, it was of no use to her.


Seemingly recalling something, Yun Luofeng looked at the queen hamster once again. "Do you know where that spiritual spring is located?

The hamster queen shook her head. "I had unintentionally entered that place and when I wanted to head there again, I discovered that I could not find it anymore."

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