Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 703: Falling in Love at First Sight (1)

The Forest of No Return extended continuously for thousand miles without any signs of human habitation. Ever since entering the Forest of No Return, Yun Luofeng had not seen anyone and their surroundings only had the trails of spiritual beasts.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Just then, Yun Luofeng heard sounds of activity and her originally vigilant mental state became increasingly stretched taut, while her hands gripped tight on her longsword.

Within the Forest of No Return, one would immediately lose their life if they were to even slightly relax their vigilance.


Yun Xiao guarded the young lady behind his back, and his normally emotionless face was also stretched taut as if he feared that the young lady behind him would be harmed.


When both of them were fully cautious of their surroundings, a pink hamster scuttled out from the underbrush. It staggered once and collapsed in front of Yun Luofeng. It appeared that this hamster had suffered an attack from other spiritual beasts and was already injured to the point where it was dying.

The instant that Milk Tea saw this pink-colored hamster, he seemed to have received an electric shock with electric currents flowing through his entire body, unexpectedly bringing about an indescribable feeling.

Could it be that this was the legendary falling in love at first sight?


The moment the pink hamster collapsed, a white-colored flame cat leaped out and pounced on the hamster that had fallen on the ground.

"Master, save her!"

Seeing that this pink hamster was about to be attacked, Milk Tea recovered his senses and hastily spoke.



When the flame cat had dashed closer, Yun Luofeng loudly shouted and her body's earth-shattering aura rushed forth towards the flame cat. The flame cat's body suddenly flew out and hit against a tree trunk. It shot a glance at the hamster in front of Yun Luofeng and made a decision to turn rapidly and leave. This human was not someone it could afford to offend, so it could only let go of its prey and escape without delay...

"Master," Milk Tea slowly climbed down from Yun Luofeng's sleeves and spoke timidly, "Can you save her?"

Looking at Milk Tea's timid look, Yun Luofeng couldn't help but raise the corner of her lips. "I remember that you're a hamster that doesn't like to meddle in other people's business. Tell me truthfully, did you take a fancy to this female gold-seeking hamster?"

Milk Tea bashfully lowered his head and had the look of a young woman's shyness.

Yun Luofeng stared blankly. So it turns out that Milk Tea fell in love at first sight with this female hamster?

"Milk Tea, I'll take a look at this gold-seeking hamster's injuries." Yun Luofeng slowly walked to the pink hamster and checked. "Her injuries are quite serious but it's not much of a problem. She should be fine if I give her a stalk of a medicinal spirit herb to consume."

Ever since the tree sapling had absorbed all the medicinal ingredients, there were no other changes! As such, the other medicinal plants in her space had been preserved.

Yun Luofeng conveniently took out a stalk of a medicinal spirit herb for treating injuries and carefully tore off a leaf. After that, she used her hands to squeeze out a few drops of juice and dripped it onto the female hamster's wound before letting her consume the leaf.

Immediately, the wounds on the female hamster recovered at a speed that one could see with their naked eye, and very soon, she opened her eyes.

"How are you feeling?" Milk Tea nervously looked at the female hamster and didn't even know where to place his hands.

The female hamster stared blankly. This gold-seeking hamster could speak?

Within the hamster clan, only her mother could speak the human language. Where did this gold-seeking hamster come from, and why was it able to speak?

"This…" Milk Tea stroked his small brain and bashfully spoke, "It was my master who saved you earlier on. Where is your home? I'll send you back."


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