Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 696: Shocking Betrothal Gifts (3)

Suddenly somebody shouted, "Look, that… isn't that Yun Luofeng's bodyguard?"

After everyone's line of sight shifted from the betrothal gifts, they landed on the man who walked in. In the moonlight, the man's black robes lightly rippled along with the breeze, making him seem respectable and domineering.

After he entered the lobby, his gaze was on Yun Luofeng and never shifted away. His heroic handsome face no longer contained his previous grim look, and his stiff lips even had a slight smile.

That man did not usually smile, but when he smiled it was too much for the eyes to take in. Immediately after, his superficial smile seemed to have disappeared...

Everyone had never seen such a scene where it was so moving when a man smiled. It was just like a hand had lightly scratched their heart, causing it to be unbearably ticklish.

"Master, the betrothal gifts have been delivered"

After Qin Yuan put down the betrothal gifts, he walked to Yun Xiao and spoke while cupping his hands in salute.


His way of addressing caused everyone who was still stunned to be shocked in awe. Their expression was as if they had eaten feces.

Yun Luofeng's personal bodyguard was the rumored Ghost Emperor?

Impossible! This was absolutely impossible!

If he was the Ghost Emperor, why would he come to the Yun Family to become a bodyguard?!

Furthermore, the Yun Family that year was not as powerful...

"Open the betrothal gifts." Yun Xiao slightly raised the corner of his lips and spoke.

"Yes, Master!"

Having heard what was said, numerous bodyguards hastily placed down their loads and opened the chests. In that split second, within the chests, numerous medicinal herbs were seen by the guests...

Especially among these stalks of medicinal herbs, there was a tree sapling that was comparatively obvious.

"Pish, I thought that the betrothal gifts of the Ghost Emperor would definitely be precious treasures and at the very least, there would be expensive pieces of jewelry! Unexpectedly, it's just a pile of medicinal herbs!"

"Perhaps there was a lack of medicinal herbs, and he even had to use a tree sapling to serve as a filler! In my opinion, Miss Yun did not manage to win his heart, or otherwise, he wouldn't have used these gifts to fudge."

When everyone was looking down on the gifts, they did not notice in the slightest that Elder Rong who was as steady as Mount Tai a moment ago, had stood up to look at the medicinal herbs in those chests in shock...

"Impossible! It's impossible!" Elder Rong was shaking his head and his face was filled with disbelief.

Elder Ning curiously looked at Elder Rong. "What's impossible? What's happened to you?"

Meanwhile, other people's attention had been attracted by Elder Rong's words as their gaze uniformly turned towards him.

Elder Rong's face showed his excitement. "These medicinal herbs! Any of these stalks would be auctioned off at a sky-high price if it were brought to an auction!


Elder Rong's words caused everyone to stare blankly. Because this old man was the Medical Pavilion's elder, everyone believed what he said...

Elder Rong took a deep breath before he managed to suppress the shock in his heart. "As for those medicinal herbs that are a thousand years old, I can tell you that the price is too high for anyone to purchase!

The price of this was too high for anyone to purchase it?

These words were like a thunderclap, causing those people who had opened their mouths and mocked these items to instantly lower their heads in embarrassment. Perhaps they could not even afford a single medicinal stalk here even with their entire family fortune...

However, the Ghost Emperor had actually brought over a hundred chests?

"A hundred chests, there are a hundred chests of rare medicinal herbs," Elder Rong looked at Yun Luofeng with jealousy and envy, and even his tone was somewhat sour, "Especially these thousand-year-old herbs. There are only a few stalks in our Medical Pavilion but the Ghost Emperor is amazing to directly bring over a hundred chests! And in every chest, there are more than a dozen thousand-year-old medicinal herbs!"

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