Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 695: Shocking Betrothal Gifts (2)

Yun Luofeng shallowly raised the corner of her lips. "Regardless of it being the future or the past, my man can only have me as his sole woman! If he isn't even able to live cleanly and honestly, what's there to say about being sincere?"

Those people's expression slightly changed and some people even wanted to comment, what right do you have to criticize others when you already had a son? However, no one had the nerve to say this out loud!

Who asked the General Yun's influence to be extremely powerful?

"Miss Yun," The head of the Rong Family embarrassingly chuckled, "In this world, it's a normal thing for men to have three wives and four concubines. I am already willing to make my son disperse his harem so as to not let you suffer any grievances! This is already something not many men would do! Not to even mention about the past, a normal man will definitely take in concubines when they are of age. I hope that Miss Yun can understand."

Yun Luofeng laughed mockingly. "How can a man who treats relations frivolously make me understand?"

After the young master of Rong Family heard Yun Luofeng's words, rage surged in his heart. He originally wanted to stand up to debate with her but had been forcibly pressed down by the Rong Family's head.

"Cough Cough!" The old general dryly coughed twice and spoke, "Probably all of you did not understand the words I spoke earlier! For my Yun family descendants, if they do not meet someone who they sincerely love, then they will absolutely never sloppily get together with another! However, the attitude you all have in regards to relations are not what my Yun Family can accept. If you all continue to pester relentlessly, then you can scram immediately!"

Rong Family's young master could no longer suppress his violent temper as he stood up suddenly. "Didn't Yun Luofeng also give birth to a child before? Furthermore, you're also not married to the other party?"

Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes as she coldly looked at Rong Family's young master. The smile on her lips gradually emitted a devilish aura.

"You have something to say about me not getting married?"

Her voice was clear and light as a gust of wind, but it caused the Rong Family's young master heart to fiercely shiver and he did not even dare to speak of another word.

"Family Head!"

Under this chilly atmosphere, a servant hurriedly came forth and cupped his hands in salute respectfully while speaking. "Family Head, the men of the Ghost Emperor have arrived. They said they are here to deliver the betrothal gifts to ask for Miss Yun's hand in marriage."

Ghost Emperor? Yun Xiao?

The old general's eyes brightened. Yun Xiao that darn lad finally sees the light? To actually know how to act first and report later by coming here to ask for Yun Luofeng's hand in marriage?

"Let him in quickly." The old general's breathing quickened as he hastily spoke.

The entire lobby became deathly silent at this moment...

Everyone's gaze turned to the door and their eyes were filled with astonishment. They did not know of the Ning Family, but they would have definitely heard of the Ghost Emperor's existence!

It was rumored that this Ghost Emperor's strength was incomparably strong and what's more, he was vicious and merciless. As he always wore a mask all year round, no one knew his appearance. But they never expected that the Ghost Emperor and the Yun Family's Miss would actually have such a relationship...

Under everyone's shocked gaze, with Qin Yuan in the lead, the bodyguards carried huge red chests and walked in from outside.

The number of chests were numerous and looking from afar, there were actually over a hundred of them! A hundred or more boxes of betrothal gifts, how big of a scale was this? They had no way of knowing what these chests contained.

"The Ghost Emperor's betrothal gifts will definitely not be lacking."

"That might not be true. Using a hundred chests as a betrothal gift is already sufficient, and if they all contained treasures, wouldn't that be wasting too much money? Therefore, I guess that it would be at most some gold and silver along with some pieces of jewelry inside."

For commoners, gold and silver were considered precious goods, but they were useless for those who were able to climb to a high position!

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