Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 693: Birthday Feast (10)

"She is an earth-level spirit cultivator..." Inside the hall, someone cried out in surprise.

"This little girl is an earth-level spirit cultivator! Yes, I used to meet with an earth-level spirit cultivator whose strength was exactly the same as the girl's! She must be an earth-level spirit cultivator!"

Prime Minister Liu, who was already pale, became more desperate after hearing this.

Ning Xin raised her eyebrows and snapped, "Today is Grandfather Yun's birthday, and I don't want to see your blood ruining his big day! But if you dare to harass Brother Yun again, don't blame me for being cruel. Now get out of here!"

This time, without any hesitation, Prime Minister Liu turned around and ran out. He just fled for his life, completely ignoring Princess Lingxin.

When Prime Minister Liu was gone, Ning Xin turned her eyes to Princess Lingxin. Even she had to admit that Princess Lingxin was really a beautiful woman. Especially now, with tears in her eyes, she looked so piteous and charming.

Seeing Ning Xin walking towards her, Princess Lingxin fiercely shook her head and tried to say something. However, with her mouth gagged, she could not say anything.

Ning Xin pulled out her long sword...


The sword flashed, and she cut off the rope around Princess Lingxin's body.

"I know this wasn't voluntary, so I don't blame you. You can leave now." Ning Xin looked at Princess Lingxin's pale face, paused and continued, "But I'd like to remind you that the Imperial Family has no heart. The end justifies their means. To achieve their goal, they don't even mind tying you up and giving you to someone as a gift."

Princess Lingxin trembled and lowered her head, a painful look on her face. Her royal brother was always kind to her. Why did he treat her so cruelly this time? Just because she was unwilling to marry Yun Qingya, he tied her up, stuck her in a box and gave her to someone as a gift in public.

Didn't he care about the Imperial Family's reputation?

"You'd better leave here. The farther you go, the better. Don't come back anymore." Ning Xin glanced at Princess Lingxin, "As for the Imperial Family, don't worry. They won't dare to chase you."

Lingxin's eyes lit up. She knew that even if she managed to get off the hook this time, one day her brother would still give her to someone as a gift. Then why should she stay here? She'd rather choose a quiet little village and live in seclusion.

"Thank you." Lingxin moved her lips and looked at Ning Xin gratefully, and then she walked into the pitch-dark night without looking back...

Ning Xin bit her lip tightly and gazed at her receding figure. After quite a while, she withdrew her eyes and turned them to Yun Qingya who was looking at her with concern.

"I didn't want to meddle in this affair, but Princess Lingxin reminded me of the past me..."

If it weren't for Yun Luofeng who had arrived in time, perhaps she would have suffered the same fate as Lingxin! So she felt sympathetic to Lingxin and wanted to help her.

Yun Qingya's face lit up with a smile, "I will ask guards to protect her."

If Ning Xin wanted to help her, he wouldn't mind giving her a hand! Besides, Princess Lingxin did not come voluntarily but was forced by the Imperial Family.

"Brother Yun, thank you..."

Looking at his elegant and gentle smile, Ning Xin felt her heart skip a beat, her eyes shining brightly.

"Xin'er," Yun Luo said with a smile, "We are family now. Why do you still thank him? It's his duty to serve you!"

Saying this, Yun Luo gave Yun Qingya a glare.

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