Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 691: Birthday Feast (8)

"Is this your gift for my son?"

Yun Luo gave a sneer and cast a grim glance at Prime Minister Liu.

Prime Minister Liu clenched his teeth and made an obeisance, "General Yun, this is Princess Lingxin. She has a special constitution, so His Majesty gives her to Master Qingya as a concubine! She will be very helpful to Master Qingya!

Speaking the word 'concubine', Prime Minister Liu was very reluctant.

After all, Ning Xin had been engaged with Yun Qingya. It was unrealistic to make Lingxin Yun Qingya's legal wife, so she could only become his concubine! But it didn't matter as long as the Imperial Family could establish a marital relationship with the Yun Family, no matter she was his wife or concubine. Moreover, he had faith in Lingxin.

With Lingxin's special constitution, as long as Yun Qingya learned the goodness of Lingxin, he would never give her up. Then, he would ask Princess Lingxin to require that she become Yun Qingya's wife. At that time, Yun Qingya would definitely divorce Ning Xin and make the princess his wife!

Yun Luo's face turned more sullen and he said with a sneer, "Prime Minister Liu, don't you know the rules of our family? We advocate monogamy and no man of our family shall have a concubine! You'd better give it up!"

In Yun Luo's opinion, concubinage would destroy a family's harmony! If a man wanted to be successful, his family must be peaceful! And to ensure a family's peacefulness, there could only be one mistress in the family! Besides, after he met Qingya's mother, he hadn't put any other woman in his heart! Though his wife had died, he had never thought of remarrying a second wife all these years!

Yun Luofeng's parents thought the same! If her father hadn't met the one he loved, he'd rather never marry! But once he met the right person, he would only have one woman in his lifetime!

So, how could Yun Luo allow Yun Qingya to have a concubine? Not to mention make Ning Xin suffer this grievance!

Prime Minister Liu's face darkened and then he made up his mind, saying, "General Yun, Princess Lingxin has a special constitution. If Yun Qingya makes love to her, his strength will be greatly improved. I do this for your own good."

Yun Luo lifted his chin and said domineeringly, "You have only one choice now! Get the hell out of here with Princess Lingxin!"

It never occurred to Prime Minister Liu that General Yun would just show him the door! Didn't the old man want to make his son stronger?

"General Yun! I think you should ask Master Qingya for his opinion." Prime Minister Liu, who really didn't want to give up, clenched his teeth and said, "If you destroy Master Qingya's chance of success, maybe he will hate you in the future..."

Yun Luo was so irritated by his words that he even burst out laughing. Why were all of these ministers so shameless? I told him to get out, but he just stays here brazen-faced.

Thinking of this, Yun Luo sneered and turned to Yun Qingya, "Qingya, it's up to you!"

Finally, Prime Minister Liu breathed a sigh of relief. How could Yun Qingya, a hot-blooded young man, resist the temptation of a beautiful woman? Besides, Princess Lingxin could help him to improve his strength. If it were him, he would be only too anxious to accept it!

"Father, don't waste time with these people." Yun Qingya coldly glanced at Prime Minister Liu and said aloofly, "Just throw them out!"

The smile on the lips of Prime Minister Liu suddenly froze.

What did he say? Throw them out?

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