Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 690: Birthday Feast (7)

Meeting Yun Luo's eyes, Ning Xin seemed to be aware of what was going to happen. She felt her heart skip a beat, and a shy look appeared on her beautiful and dignified face. Suddenly, a hand tightly held her little hand, and she gradually regained her composure.

"Today, I'm going to announce some good news. This is about my son's marriage," Yun Luo smiled and looked at Elder Ning, "Elder Ning, I really like your granddaughter. Would you marry her to my son?"

Elder Ning laughed, "Let Xin'er decide for herself, and I will respect her opinion."

Once again, Yun Luo looked at Ning Xin and smiled, "Xin'er, your Grandfather has agreed. How about you? Do you want to become my daughter-in-law?"

Ning Xin took a quick look at Yun Qingya and lowered her head in shyness, "Yes, I do."

It had been her dream to spend her life with Yun Qingya!

"Hahaha!" Yun Luo laughed heartily, "My son has a wife now! And I will choose a good day to hold a wedding for you! You must try your best to make babies, preferably two."

Obviously, Yun Luo couldn't wait to see a baby born in the Yun Family, no matter whether it would be his grandchild or great-grandchild, as long as it was a chubby baby!

"Congratulations, General. That is really a great thing." The guests all came forward to sincerely congratulate him.

Only Prime Minister Liu, who looked sullen, didn't move and clenched his hands.

Why? Why did a girl out of nowhere suddenly pop up and ruin his perfect plan?

This girl was simply no match for Princess Lingxin in identity or appearance. How could she become the Yun Luo's daughter-in-law?

"Oh, right..." Recalling something, Yun Luo turned to Prime Minister Liu, "Prime Minister Liu, did you know that my son was going to be engaged, so you prepared a wedding gift for him in advance? What is the gift? May I see it?"

Prime Minister Liu's eyes darkened and a resolute gleam flickered across his eyes, "Guards, bring my gift for Master Qingya here!"

Then, two guards came along with a big red box. The box was tied with red ribbon, with a big red flower pinned on the top and a big hole in the middle, and everyone wondered what was inside the box.

"Open it!" Prime Minister Liu waved and ordered.

"Yes, Your Excellency." The two guards dropped the box and opened it as ordered.

Seeing the gift in the box, let alone Yun Luo, even the guests in the hall were dumbfounded!

In the big red box, there was a girl of about seventeen or eighteen, who was bound by red ropes, with a red cloth in her mouth, and she piteously looked at the crowd, with tears in her eyes. Her eyes were clearly filled with fear.

Tightly holding Ning Xin's hand, Yun Qingya angrily turned his eyes to Prime Minister Liu, with a strong killing intent in his eyes.

Elder Ning, of course, was the angriest one!

How dare this *sshole send a woman to his grandson-in-law on his granddaughter's engagement day?

How could he allow his baby girl to suffer such grievance? However, Elder Ning knew that the Yun Family would deal with the matter, so he just snorted and did nothing.

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