Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 689: Birthday Feast (6)

Suddenly, the whole hall quieted down, and all the people turned their eyes to the source of the voice.

Under the moonlight, a snow white-robed girl lightly walked in, her dark hair fluttering in the breeze, her wicked and gorgeous face lustrous, and she slightly raised the corners of her lips and showed a faint smile. Though the guests had already known that Yun Luofeng was the first beauty of the Longyuan Kingdom, they found she looked even more beautiful than a year ago.

Her beauty was simply beyond expression.

"Feng'er, you've come? Where is Ah Xiao?"

Glancing at Yun Luofeng's back and not finding Yun Xiao, Yun Luo slightly frowned. From what he knew of Yun Xiao, he would follow his granddaughter closely to guard her, but now he was not here. Was there something wrong?

Noticing Yun Luo's worry, Yun Luofeng smiled, "He has something to do and left for a while, but soon he will come to congratulate you on your birthday."

"Ok, then let's start the birthday feast." No longer asking, Yun Luo invited the guests to sit down. Then he flicked his sleeves and went to the seat of honor.

The birthday feast began in a lively atmosphere. Countless servants and maids came up to serve delicious food. At this time, restless with anxiety, Prime Minister Liu was not in the mood to taste the dishes. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure among the servants, and he jumped to his feet in shock.

"Are... are you Master of the Spirit Sect?

Before he was promoted as prime minister, he once went to the Spirit Sect to report the situation of the Longyuan Kingdom on behalf of Gao Tu, and was fortunate enough to see the master of the Spirit Sect.

But now, the noble master of the Spirit Sect was reduced to a servant of the Yun Family?

"Master of the Spirit Sect? The Spirit Sect behind the Longyuan Kingdom? Why would the master of the Spirit Sect serve as a servant here?"

"Prime Minister Liu, are you sure you didn't mistake this guy for Master of the Spirit Sect?"

On this continent, many common people only knew the royal families and had no idea that there were greater powers behind them! But the participants of Yun Luo's birthday feast were not common people! How could they not know the master of the Spirit Sect?

Even Yun Luofeng took a look at the master of the Spirit Sect.

It seemed that since the master of the Spirit Sect willingly acted as a servant in the Yun Family to atone for his crime, she had forgotten about him...

"Ahem," Yun Luo coughed and said proudly, "You really have sharp eyes! The master of the Spirit Sect has been working as a servant here for more than a year."


Like being struck by a blot from the blue, all the guests were shocked and looked at Yun Luo in astonishment. The master of the Spirit Sect worked as a servant in the Yun Family? God! How strong was the power of the Yun Family to make the master of the Spirit Sect willingly serve as their servant?

Prime Minister Liu rolled his eyes and became more determined in establishing a marital relationship between the Imperial Family and the Yun Family!

"General Yun." He calmed down, stood up and said respectfully, "Now that Master Qingya has come, I will present my gift to him, I..."

"Wait a minute!" Yun Luo glanced at Prime Minister Liu and said aloofly, "Let's talk about it later. Now I have something to announce."

Hearing Yun Luo's words, Prime Minister Liu had no choice but to close his mouth. Anyway, he would still have a chance to present the gift.

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