Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 688: Birthday Feast (5)

"General Yun, am I late?"

Looking at Yun Luo, who was coming to him quickly, Elder Ning smiled and asked.

"Haha," Yun Luo laughed, "You are just in time. Let's go! I have something to announce later."

Elder Ning smiled and followed Yun Luo into the hall.

The guests were curious and wondered who the old man was and why General Yun treated him so respectfully! But they would not ask something they shouldn't ask! Judging from Yun Luo's attitude toward him, they could tell that the old man must be a person of high rank.

"Elder Ning." Catching a glimpse of Elder Ning behind Yun Luo, Elder Rong came to greet him with a smile, "You are late."

Elder Ning stared at Elder Rong, "That's because your Medical Pavilion is located so close to the Yun Family, while I have to come from afar. By the way, where is Luofeng? I haven't seen my foster granddaughter for a long time, and I really want to talk with her."

During the year when Yun Luofeng was away from the Yun Family, Elder Ning stayed in the Yun Family to guard it! Several days ago, he heard that Yun Luofeng had destroyed Medical City. Though he wanted to wait for her to come back, something urgent came up, so he left the day before Yun Luofeng came back! So he hadn't seen Yun Luofeng for more than a year.

Foster granddaughter?

The crowd looked at each other. No wonder that General Yun treated the old man so respectfully, who turned out to be the foster grandfather of the heiress of the Yun Family. This old guy was really lucky to establish close connections with the Yun Family!

"Grandfather." Suddenly, a joyful voice came from outside the door. Just as Elder Ning looked around, Ning Xin walked quickly to him. "Grandfather, you've come?"

With a bright smile on her face, Ning Xin looked dignified and elegant, with graceful demeanor in every move that she made.

Yun Qingya quietly stood beside Ning Xin, a joyful smile on his jade-like handsome face.

"Xin'er," Elder Ning said with some relief when he saw the bright smile on his granddaughter's face, "You have been running around with me all these years, and now you are finally settling down. I guess I can rest assured."

For Elder Ning, nothing was more important than the happiness of his granddaughter. Now it seemed that she lived very well in the Yun Family, and he could feel the change from her smileā€¦

She really had a hard time all these years!

"Haha, Elder Ning, don't worry, I'll take care of Xin'er for you." Yun Luo laughed and patted Elder Ning on the shoulder. Elder Ning smiled with relief, "Having the Yun Family take care of Xin'er, I'm not worried at all."

Hearing the conversation between the two old men, all the people in the hall realized that something special was going to happen! They curiously looked up and down at Ning Xin and Yun Qingya, as if trying to figure out the relationship between them.

Prime Minister Liu looked a little sullen.

This girl and Yun Qingya are too close. Especially since they came to the hall together, like a couple!

No way! He must help the Imperial Family establish a marital relationship with the Yun Family, and only in this way could the Imperial Family maintain prolonged prosperity!

And he believed that Princess Lingxin was way better than this girl!

"It seems that everyone is here."

Just then a wicked voice came from outside the door...

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