Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 687: Birthday Feast (4)

"Your Majesty, if it was in the past, we could randomly marry a princess into the Yun Family. However, now the Yun Family has been quite dissatisfied with the Imperial Family so if we don't offer them someone exceptional, the Yun Family will probably not accept her!" the minister tried to persuade the emperor.

Hearing his words, the other minister echoed, "Your Majesty, the prime minister is right. Please marry Princess Lingxin into the Yun Family. Maybe it can resolve the Yun Family's grievances against the Imperial Family."

"Please approve it, Your Majesty! It's worthwhile to sacrifice Princess Lingxin for the good of the Imperial Family!"

The emperor heaved a heavy sigh. Though he was really reluctant to approve it, he had no choice.

"The prime minister will be in charge of this issue. Now away, all of you."

"Yes, Your Majesty!

All the ministers knelt down and said respectfully.

The emperor flicked his sleeve and left without looking back.


The long-awaited birthday had finally come.

On this day, the Yun residence was quite bustling. A lot of visitors had come and the whole General's Estate was crowded with people and carriages. However, no matter how noble the visitor was, he would have to get down from his horse or carriage to walk into the Yun residence! Even the members of the Imperial Family were no exception. This showed the Yun Family's current position in people's minds.

Sitting in the hall with a smile, Yun Luo didn't go to greet the guests, but no one dared to criticize him because the Yun Family was really powerful now!

Who would dare to ask Yun Luo to receive him? So all the noble visitors came in themselves and went to fawningly congratulate Yun Luo on his birthday.

"General Yun, I, on behalf of the Imperial Family, wish you longevity and happiness." With a smile, the prime minister went up to Yun Luo, made an obeisance and said, "And I bring the Yun Family a present, which is for Master Qingya. I believe he will like it."

How could a man resist the temptation of a beautiful woman? What's more, he could improve his strength by making love to this beautiful woman! Every man would die to get such a woman! If Yun Qingya knew what the present was, he would certainly gladly accept it!

"Haha," Yun Luo laughed indifferently, "Then I shall thank Your Excellency on behalf of Qingya."

Though he said this, his expression showed that he was not interested in the prime minister's present.

Not hurrying to explain anything to him, the prime minister just smiled, "General Yun, you will know the value of this present later."

He was confident that the Yun Family would accept the present! And General Yun would surely appreciate him for that!

Unfortunately, Yun Luo didn't pay any attention to him but kept looking out of the hall, a look of eagerness in his eyes. Why hadn't the Ning Family people come? He planned to have Ning Xin and Qingya become engaged today! But the Ning Family hadn't come even though he had been waiting so long...

Just then, a servant hurriedly came in and reported, "Your Excellency, the Ning Family people came to congratulate you on your birthday!"

The Ning Family? Yun Luo's eyes lit up and he quickly stood up. Finally, they had come...

Thinking of this, Yun Luo rushed out to greet the family of his future daughter-in-law.

Seeing his action, the crowd in the hall was surprised. General Yun didn't even come to welcome the Medical Pavilion people. Who had come now? Why did he welcome them in person?

Seeing Elder Ning standing in the bustling courtyard, Yun Luo hurriedly came to him.

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