Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 686: Birthday Feast (3)

Qin Yuan was quite efficient.

Since the sixth princess's behavior was really outrageous, everyone was shocked by her even though Qin Yuan didn't exaggerate what she had done. Within a day, all the people in the Imperial City knew what the sixth princess had done in the General's Estate.

It was said that she fell in love with Yun Luofeng's fiancé at first sight and tried to replace Yun Luofeng! But she was refused by Yun Luofeng, so she just kidnapped Yun Luofeng's son to threaten her! What she wanted, however, was to sleep with Yun Luofeng's fiancé for a night! She even shamelessly threw herself on that man...

Nobody knew that Xiao Mo took his own head off. Because the sixth princess fell in the hands of the Yun Family, and the Grand Tutor had gone crazy after waking up! He couldn't remember what had happened that day but kept whining, "Stop, Sixth Princess!" His words confirmed what the Yun Family had announced.

Suddenly, the whole Imperial City was in turmoil!

Who was Yun Luofeng? That woman was a cold-blooded devil! How dare the sixth princess covet her man? Wasn't that like bearding the lion in his den?

At this time, a man in an imperial robe was sitting on the throne. He looked a little pale and looked around at the ministers present.

"My ministers, Six has made an unforgivable mistake with the Yun Family. Do you have any remedy for this?"

A man in a court robe slowly came out, respectfully made an obeisance to the emperor and said, "Your Majesty, the sixth princess has offended the Yun Family, and if we don't want to be implicated in it, we'll have to give her up! After all, the heiress of the Yun Family is very domineering, and she is never a tolerant person! If you don't give up the sixth princess, the Yun Family will take you as an enemy."

The emperor sighed, "It seems that I have no choice."

Though the sixth princess was his sister, he had to give up on her, because she was daring enough to provoke the Yun Family people. Everyone knew that it would better to offend him than to offend the Yun Family people, even if it was just a servant of the Yun Family!

But she even dared to covet Yun Luofeng's man!

"Your Majesty!

Another minister stood up and said respectfully, "I think General Yun is no longer loyal to the Imperial Family! Now he is just a nominal general of the Longyuan Kingdom! So I suggest establishing a marital relationship with the Yun Family. Maybe it can repair the relationship between the Imperial Family and them."

"Establish a marital relation? With whom? Yun Luofeng or Yun Qingya?" asked the emperor, frowning.

The minister smiled, "All princes have been married, so it won't be Yun Luofeng, and we can only choose Yun Qingya! I suggest marrying Princess Lingxin to Yun Qingya.

The emperor's face changed slightly, "Princess Lingxin? I'm afraid she is not a suitable candidate... "

Lingxin was different from the sixth princess! Though Princess Lingxin was his half-sister, he didn't want to marry her to Yun Qingya. That was because Lingxin had a special constitution. When a male spirit cultivator made love to her, his strength would be greatly boosted!

Of course, he learned this just recently! Otherwise, when Gao Tu was in power, he would never have missed this excellent chance and would have surely used her to make the best profit for him!

It was found out completely by chance…

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