Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 684: Birthday Feast (1)

"Shut up!"

Xiao Mo's face darkened and he kicked the sixth princess hard on the chest, saying coldly, "Who allowed you to make such a noise in the Yun residence? My father wants you to be tortured to death, so you'll be tortured to death! But my parents won't do it themselves so that they won't get their hands dirty!"

Being kicked by Xiao Mo, the sixth princess spat out a mouthful of blood, her pale face filled with shock. She didn't know why this little guy was so powerful that she couldn't even resist him!

"Milk Tea!" Xiao Mo raised his chin, "Tear this woman to pieces! Oh, right, my father said she should be tortured to death. You can let her live a few more days! Don't kill her too soon."


Squeaking, Milk Tea came out of Yun Luofeng's sleeve, rested his little paws on his hips and swaggered towards the sixth princess.

"How dare you threaten my master? Now you'll get your retribution!"

Milk Tea looked at the sixth princess with contempt and spoke like a human being, without concealing his ability.

Since Xiao Mo took off his head, the sixth princess was shocked again. With her eyes wide open, she stared at the gold-seeking hamster that was approaching her, her heart full of despair. It was not until now that she realized how she had underestimated the Yun Family!

Just this spiritual beast, who could talk like a human being, would be able to defeat the whole royal family! At the thought of this, the sixth princess closed her eyes. Regret gushed out from her heart and almost swallowed her up.

"Xiao Mo, clean her blood up in case it would stain the Yun residence."

Saying that, Yun Luofeng turned around and walked out of the hall.

Was she cruel?

On this continent where only power talked, she would become the meat on the chopping block if she was not cruel enough! Being kind, she would not be able to survive here!

If the sixth princess had only coveted Yun Xiao, maybe she wouldn't make her die so miserably! But she threatened her with Xiao Mo! Even though Xiao Mo was not afraid of the sixth princess with his strength, she couldn't stand it. No one could threaten her family.

Yes! In Yun Luofeng's heart, Xiao Mo was already her family! Had it not been for him, she would have died in the explosion of the experiment and would not have today's status.

"Yun Xiao," Yun Luofeng stopped and turned to look at the man beside her, "If someone threatens you or my family, I will send them to hell even at the expense of overthrowing the whole world!"

With a resolute look, Yun Xiao held her hand tightly, "No matter what you want to do, I'll always stand by your side."

Even if she wanted to overthrow this world!

Yun Luofeng smiled and her smile was so soft and beautiful, without any trace of the unruliness and aggressiveness that she usually showed.

"Yun Xiao, do you believe in reincarnation?" She slowly looked away and continued before Yun Xiao answered her, "I had a happy family in my past life, but because of the wealth my father had, someone killed my whole family! At that time, I was still young. My mother hid me, so I escaped from the disaster, but I had to watch my parents being killed and lying in a pool of blood. I was too scared to speak.

"The murderer who killed my parents adopted me and took over my family's property. After a few years, he sent me to an orphanage!"

Recalling her past life, Yun Luofeng became more determined.


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