Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 683: Confessed (6)

Yun Luofeng was a little bit aggrieved. "I have been calling you grandfather every day all these years, but I never saw that you were so happy."

"I was called that by my grandson-in-law! That's different!" Yun Luo stared at Yun Luofeng and said sourly.

"Grandfather, am I really your granddaughter?"

"If you don't annoy me all day long, I'll admit you're my granddaughter!" Yun Luo snorted and went on, "Clear up the mess. I'm going out for tea." Saying this, he turned around and walked out of the hall.

As a matter of fact, Yun Luo was very concerned about her! If Yun Luofeng was bullied, he would be the first one who jumped out to protect her!

Love me, love my dog.

It was because Yun Xiao loved Yun Luofeng whole-heartedly that he would accept Yun Xiao! If it were a man like Gao Lin, even if Yun Luofeng liked him, he would not accept him!

Yun Luofeng turned her eyes to the sixth princess who had passed out, and coldly ordered, an icy gleam in her eyes, "Xiao Mo, wake her up!"

"Master, you asked the right person! I'm very good at waking people up!" Xiao Mo cracked an evil smile and slowly walked to the sixth princess. There was a dagger in his hand, which was shining with an icy light under the morning light.

"Ah!" The sixth princess immediately woke up when Xiao Mo cut off one of her fingers with the dagger. Seeing Xiao Mo who was grimly smiling at her, she couldn't help but tremble.

"You... don't come any closer! Help, Master, help me!"

Unfortunately, the Grand Tutor was also scared senseless by Xiao Mo's previous behavior and couldn't respond to the sixth princess's call for help.

"Do you still want to kick my head for fun?" Xiao Mo smiled wickedly, "If you still want it, I don't mind taking it off again."

"No, no! Please, please let me go! I dare not do it again!"

The sixth princess hurriedly fell to her knees and kowtowed to him. She banged her head against the floor so hard that she didn't notice that her forehead was bleeding! Though she claimed that she was not afraid of committing suicide, she who had been living a luxurious and pampered life really didn't want to die!

"Do you still want to steal my mother's man?"

"No... I don't!"

Being panic-stricken, the sixth princess tightly bit her whitened lips, and it never occurred to her that Yun Luofeng's son was such a freak!

Only a freak was able to take his own head off when he was still alive!

The sixth princess didn't know that Xiao Mo was not a human being, but a spirit body formed with the spiritual energies between heaven and earth! His body was made of spiritual energy. Unless his body was exploded with uncontrolled spiritual energy under a powerful opponent's attack, he would never die!

"You don't? Unfortunately, it's too late." Xiao Mo chuckled grimly. He turned his eyes to Yun Xiao and raised the corners of his lips, "Father Yun Xiao, how do you think I should deal with her?"

Though Yun Luofeng had told him not to call them father and mother, he still used this term in front of the sixth princess who coveted Yun Xiao.

"Torture her to death!" The man's voice was as cold as ever and drove the sixth princess into despair.

Torture her to death?

This man wanted her to be tortured to death?!

Then she would rather die now.

"No!" The sixth princess screamed in dismay, "You can't do this to me. It's too cruel! I don't want to be tortured to death!"

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