Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 681: Confessed (4)

"Auntie, you want to cut my head off? Like this?"

In the hall, the little boy took his head off and held it in his hands, with an innocent smile on his face, which looked so spooky at this moment.

"Ahh!" A shrill scream rang throughout the whole General's Estate.

"Auntie, didn't you say you were going to cut my head off? Now that I've done it for you, aren't you going to thank me?" Looking at the sixth princess who kept retreating, Xiao Mo smiled, and pressed on toward her, handing his head to her. "You can kick it for fun."

His face was so close to the sixth princess, and his bright eyes were filled with a creepy smile.

"Don't... don't come any closer!"


The sixth princess's sword fell on the ground, her legs trembling, and her pale face full of fear. A pungent smell of urine wafted through the air.

"It was you who wanted to kick my head for fun. I was sorry to hear that you were so poor that you couldn't even afford a football, so I took my head and gave it to you as a present. Why won't you accept my offer?"

Hearing Xiao Mo's words, the sixth princess showed the whites of her eyes and fainted completely.

"She is so boring." Xiao Mo curled his lips and put his head back on his neck, "She fainted so easily! Mother, what do you want to do with her now?"

Xiao Mo turned his head to look at Yun Luofeng only to find Yun Luo, who was still furious one minute ago, had been completely scared shitless and stared at him dumbfounded.

Feeling a little guilty, he softly called, "Great-grandfather."


Hearing Xiao Mo's voice, Yun Luo also showed the whites of his eyes and passed out. Anyone who saw a living person still talk after taking off their own head would faint.

Except for Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao, because the two had exceptionally strong minds!

"Grandfather!" Yun Luofeng, with a slight change of expression, hurried forward and pressed Yun Luo's philtrum with force. Meanwhile, a stream of spiritual energy went through her fingers into Yun Luo's philtrum.

Yun Luo slowly woke up, "Feng'er, did I just dream? I dreamed that Xiao Mo took his head off?"

Looking at Xiao Mo, who was quietly standing off to one side, Yun Luofeng helplessly sighed, "Grandfather, I have a confession to make to you!"

"What is it?" Yun Luo was stunned and asked.

"Xiao Mo pretended to be my son when Bai Su came to propose to me because he didn't want other men to covet me!" Yun Luofeng pulled Xiao Mo from the side and continued, "Though this little guy only looks to be about six years old, he's actually older than all of us combined!"

Completely at a loss, Yun Luo asked confusedly, "Feng'er, what do you mean? I don't understand."

Xiao Mo was older than all of them combined?

He was only five or six years old.

"He's not human." She finally told the identity of Xiao Mo.

"Grandfather, I've been hiding my secret from you all these years!" Yun Luofeng raised her eyes and deeply gazed at Yun Luo, "Everyone says that I concealed my strength and burst out with great power later on, but as a matter of fact, I really was a trash and I didn't conceal any strength!"


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