Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 679: Confessed (2)

The man's cold and hoarse voice rang by her ear.

"Let her die if she wants to!

Except for Yun Luofeng, he would not pity any other woman in the world!

The sixth princess's finger quivered, and her hand on her neck also slightly trembled. Though she had made up her mind to commit suicide, she found it really hard to do. It never occurred to her that this man would be so cruel to her!

"Haha," the sixth princess laughed, her laughter so sad, "Since the first time I saw you, I've been head over heels in love with you! I won't ask for much but just want to stay by your side, no matter as a concubine or a maid. I am willing to forsake all my dignity for you. Why do you still treat me so ruthlessly?"

Yun Xiao looked at the sixth princess expressionlessly, "Are you going to kill yourself? Or should I help you?"

The sixth princess felt her heart skip a beat. She couldn't grasp the sword in her hand and let it slip down to the ground from her palm, her slightly raised eyes filled with agony.

"How on earth have I offended you?

As a quiet person, Yun Xiao didn't like to talk much, but he seemed to feel that she hadn't been devastated enough, so he said, "Your stupid dream offended me!"

So it was her fond dream that offended him!

The sixth princess lowered her eyes, quietly picked up the sword on the ground, and smiled sadly, "I see. I won't be an eyesore to you anymore. If you want me to die, I can do as you wish!"

During the whole process, Yun Luofeng just held her arms before the chest and coldly looked on.

Love would make a woman lose her mind!

After all, she couldn't stay in the Yun Family forever, so she had to nip all dangers in the bud to prevent her family from being hurt. She would never give them any chance to take root!

Slowly putting the sword across her neck again, the sixth princess gazed at Yun Xiao sadly, an unwilling gleam in her eyes. She was hoping the man could have a little bit of pity for her and stop her from committing suicide.

But he didn't!

Yun Xiao just looked at her coldly and expressionlessly.

"Mother." Suddenly, a soft and cute voice came from outside the hall.

Hearing the voice, all the people looked around. It was a white-robed cute little boy. He had bright eyes and innocent and adorable appearance, a bright smile on his cute little face.

Xiao Mo? Yun Luofeng paused. Early this morning, Xiao Mo left the God Code World, saying that he had something to do! But now he appeared here...

"Mother, Father, I'm back."

Xiao Mo smiled brightly, but catching a glimpse of the sixth princess, he had a dark gleam in his eye. Intentionally, he stood at a distance from Yun Luofeng and exposed himself to the sixth princess...

Looking at the little boy who called him father, Yun Xiao froze. How could he not remember having a baby with Feng'er?

"Xiao Mo, where have you been?" Yun Luofeng frowned and walked towards Xiao Mo.

However, just at this moment, like a breeze blowing over, a figure quickly ran over and stopped in front of Xiao Mo.

No longer looking piteous, the sixth princess placed her sword on the neck of Xiao Mo and coldly stared at the people in the hall...


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