Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 672: Bai Su's Conspiracy

For him, she would not regret it even if she became eternally damned!

However, when Bai Su picked her up twenty years ago, the man had this appearance, and twenty years later, his appearance remained like the same! It was as though the flow of time did not leave any marks on his body, and he was an immortal legend!

With the exception of how he became a little boy when he was seriously injured, he had the appearance of a twenty-year-old and never changed!

"Jin Yu, you don't have to call me 'Young Master' anymore. From now on, the Bai Family will no longer exist!" Bai Su said with a curve of his lips.

Jin Yu cupped his fists in salute, "Yes, my Lord."

"Jin Yu, in a few days, we will leave here and head to the Land of No Return!"

The Land of No Return was on the other side of the Forest of No Return! It was also the location of Yun Xiao's Mother! That place was named the Land of No Return because it was the same as the Forest of No Return - the people who went there never returned!

"Regardless of where my Lord wants to go, I will follow my Lord until my life ends!" Jin Yu lifted her head and looked at Bai Su, her beautiful eyes brimming with determination.

Her life was given by the Lord. Even if he wanted to take it back one day, she would not regret it!

"The recovery of my strength is too slow on this continent. Only by going there can I attain the ability to contend with the Ghost Emperor!" Bai Su slightly narrowed his eyes, "Moreover, I heard that the Ghost Emperor's mother is also there."

Jin Yu asked with astonishment, "The Ghost Emperor's Mother?"

"That's right," Bai Su's finger lightly tapped on the stone table in front of him, and he said with an eerie smile, "although I left that place a long time ago, I can still receive all the news from that place! At that time, we can make a fuss in front of the Ghost Emperor's family."

"What does my Lord want this subordinate to do?" Jin Yu inquired with a slight frown.

"It's simple. The Ghost Emperor's mother adopted a foster daughter. You will find a chance to approach that girl and compliment the Ghost Emperor as much as you can in front of her, preferably so that she falls in love with him! Then, I will have a chance to separate the Ghost Emperor and Yun Luofeng!"

Looking at the little boy's gloomy expression, jealousy bubbled up from her heart, but in the end, she suppressed all of the jealousy in her heart.

"Yes, My Lord!"

Since she was willing to do anything for her Lord, it also included helping him chase other women! Even if the woman her Lord loved was in danger and her Lord wanted to have her face this danger in her place, she would still save her without any hesitation!

"Jin Yu," the little boy stood up and looked up at the taller Jin Yu. His slender fingers gently lifted her chin up, and he used an extremely flirtatious tone to say, "After I achieve my goal, I definitely won't treat you unfairly."

Jin Yu's heart started pounding immediately, so fast that it made her feel like her heart was about to leave her chest.

She tightly bit her lips, her eyes looking at Bai Su with a deep love, "My Lord, as long as I can stay by your side, I am already satisfied and have no other desires."

"Alright," Bai Su let her go and wickedly smiled, "pack up a bit now. We will leave before the Ghost Emperor finds us."

After saying this, he flung his clothes and quickly walked out of the cave. Jin Yu watched Bai Su's disappearing figure with infatuation, her eyes containing a deep reverence.

"Although my Lord looks like this now, he is still incredibly handsome! Being able to accompany my Lord during this life is already a good fortune that took several lifetimes to accumulate, so I don't dare to expect anything else."


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