Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 671: Bai Su Injured

A slash in the air shattered the silence of the dark night.

In the air, a woman in red clothing held a small boy with ragged clothes in her arms as she swiftly ran towards the mountain path not far away.

The small boy wore broad robes that did not fit his figure. His hair was longer than him, reaching his ankles. He had a lovely and very adorable appearance, but his large eyes contained an evil and eerie light, giving him a maturity that exceeded his age.

"Young Master, we are already several thousand meters away from that place," the red-clothed woman lightly frowned, worry flashing through her striking face, "however, because you are seriously injured, it has caused your body to change to this appearance..."

The boy cast his eyes down and looked at his tiny hands and feet, a cold glint flickering through his eyes.

"The Ghost Emperor has harmed me to this extent. I will eventually take revenge against him one day! However, the matter of utmost importance is to find a place to heal! The injuries that he caused this time probably won't recover without at least two years."

Although this boy's voice was soft and cute, his tone was deadly earnest. He looked up and turned to the woman beside him, "Jin Yu, immediately take me away from here! With the Ghost Emperor's strength, I reckon it won't take long for them to find this place."

"Yes, Young Master," Jin Yu's face revealed her respect as she looked at the man with reverent eyes.


During the period after this, a commotion occurred on the Continent.

According to accounts, Bai Su provoked the Ghost Emperor somehow, leading to the Ghost Emperor's people to immediately raze the entire Bai Estate. On that day, the sound of sorrow was endless and blood formed rivers inside the Bai Estate!

However, even so, the young master of the Bai Family, Bai Su, did not make an appearance, and no one knew his whereabouts.

At this moment, Jin Yu slowly entered a mountain cave. She was dressed in red and strikingly beautiful, so beautiful that she should not exist. Her beauty was different from the gracefulness of Fang Ya and the flirtatious manner of the boss of Bamboo House, Chun Niang; she exuded a proud coldness instead. Her beautiful appearance only softened after seeing the little boy inside the cave.

"Young Master, it's time to drink your medicine."

Her voice was very soft, and her beautiful eyes remained on the little boy, as though he was the sole existence in her eyes.

"Put it down."

Bai Su sat cross-legged with his eyes closed, his pretty appearance dark. It was long before he opened his eyes and sighed, "I wonder how long it will take for my body to recover to its original state."

"Young Master," Jin Yu lightly pursed her red lips, "this subordinate has a matter to report. Ghost Emperor, he... exterminated the Bai Family."

"Oh?" Bai Su remained calm and collected as he raised his brows, "If he destroyed it, then he destroyed it. In any case, the people of the Bai Family are nothing but my puppets. If I weren't using the Bai Family to gradually recover my strength, I would not have remained with the Bai Family for this many years..."

"However, Young Master..."

"Jin Yu, how many years have you followed me?" Bai Su lifted his head slightly, his evil eyes landed on the woman's gorgeous face, "You have followed me running everywhere for these many years, it's truly been hard on you."

Jin Yu's heart suddenly jolted, and a cloud of red bloomed on her stunning face, "Young Master, ever since you saved me back then and brought me back to the Bai Family, my life has belonged to you. I am willing to do anything for you!"

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