Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 670: You Won't Have the Chance to Win

"You won't have the chance to win." Yun Xiao slowly approached Bai Su, a long sword appearing in his hand at some unknown time. The body of the sword emanated a chilling aura, making others tremble with fear.

"Ghost Emperor," Bai Su straightened his body and lazily leaned against the giant rock behind him as he fearlessly looked at him in the eyes, "you can't kill me." Sensing the killing intent from the man's body, Bai Su's voice had a trace of provocation. "I admit that I can't defeat you, but you also can't kill me! If I want to escape, I'm afraid you won't be able to stop me."

Yun Xiao halted his steps, his icy, dark eyes coldly looking at Bai Su. The killing intent on him grew stronger instead of lessening.

"I won't allow anyone to threaten her."

"I already said that you can't kill me," Bai Su reiterated.

Amidst the violent winds, the man's black clothes wildly fluttered up, his presence growing more imposing. Countless black flames appeared out of nowhere around him and rapidly attacked Bai Su.

"Even if I can't kill you, I can still make you unable to appear beside her!"


Those flames were like hands with its claws brandished and rapidly swallowed Bai Su. However, the flames quickly exploded and closely after, Bai Su's battered figure appeared under the overcast sky. Bai Su's face was somewhat pale, and an evil and stern light enveloped his handsome face. His long, white robes were fairly ragged and did not have their prior elegance and dignity. 

He suddenly started laughing, his laughter eerie and extremely terrifying.

"Ghost Emperor, the things that I set my eyes on, I will definitely obtain it even if I put my life on the line!"


After Bai Su said those words, the ground suddenly exploded beneath his feet, creating a hole. His body suddenly dropped inside, but the moment that he fell in, the previously ruptured earth recovered its original appearance, as though nothing happened. 

Faced with this, Yun Xiao's face retained its typical coldness, appearing to have anticipated everything already.

"Master," Qin Yuan slowly descended from the air and stood behind Yun Xiao as he stated with his fists cupped respectfully, "should this subordinate dig into the ground and get him out?"

"No need," Yun Xiao eyes were extremely icy, "he left already."

Qin Yuan said with his head lowered, "Then what if Bai Su does to Mistress..."

"He was burned by a blazing fire and can't recover without two years. In a moment, bring some soldiers to raze the Bai Estate to the ground! I want to force him out!"

He could not kill him indeed, but he could make him unable to appear beside Yun Luofeng. During these two years, he would not even have the time to recuperate, so how could he come to seek trouble from Yun Luofeng?

"Cough!" Yun Xiao coughed, and his palm tightly clutched his chest, pain flickering through his scrunched up features.

Although he obtained Hell Fire, he still suffered from very strong repercussions for using it. However, it was only the might of Hell Fire that could make Bai Su use two years to recover from his injuries!

"Master!" Qin Yuan anxiously called as his face turned pale with fright.

"It's nothing," Yun Xiao slowly lowered the hand clutching his chest and expressionlessly said, "Don't let her learn of this matter."

Qin Yuan's heart was somewhat moved. Master really laid down everything for Mistress! Not only was he whole-heartedly willing to stay beside her, but he also could not bear to let her know he was injured.

Perhaps, only Mistress could make Master yield in this world!


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