Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 669: Bai Su Came to Steal Someone (2)

Facing Bai Su's bewitching and confident appearance, Yun Luofeng smiled. "You aren't Yun Xiao's opponent!"

Bai Su's eyes darkened, "You are that confident in him?"

"That's right!"


"Because he's my man!"

Because he's my man, and I always believe in my man!

Perhaps due to Yun Luofeng's words, the violent aura around Yun Xiao lessened, and the coldness in his eyes also gradually receded, a smile slowly appearing on his lips.

"Wait for me." After saying this, he stepped into the night, and his black, long-robed figure melded with it, disappearing from Yun Luofeng's sight.


The night was silent.

Inside the forest overgrown with weeds, Yun Xiao stopped walking and coldly turned to Bai Su, "Here is good."

"Ho," Bai Su sneered, "may I ask why you walked so far from the Physician Association?"

"Because..." Yun Xiao's voice was low, and his eyes were cold, "I'm afraid that the power I use will be too great and accidentally harm her who's nearby."

His power existed to protect her, not to harm her.

"Yun Xiao," Bai Su chuckled, "I would really like to know how strong you are! I wonder if I can experience your true strength today."

Yun Xiao did not say anything and responded to Bai Su with his strength instead. Abruptly, a formidable power rushed out of his body. At that moment, the sky was covered by grey clouds, and lightning flashed followed by rolling thunder. His long, black robes fluttered in the night sky, making his aura appear grimmer and harsher and exude a suffocating feeling.

Bai Su's expression became more austere, his wicked eyes intently watching the man, "So this is the Ghost Emperor's true strength. I must exchange pointers with you today!"

After saying this, an aura also arose from Bai Su's figure, evoking violent winds around him and the loud rustling of the leaves.


The two of them launched an attack at the same time. A powerful force radiated from them, flattening the entire forest in an instant.

Bai Su retreated a few steps back, a trace of blood spilling out of the corner of his mouth. He looked up with grim eyes and coldly stared at the frigid man.

"There aren't many people that I respect in my life, and you, the Ghost Emperor, are considered one of them," Bai Su wiped the blood from his lips and lowly chuckled, "Unfortunately, we're rivals in love."

"Rivals in love?" Yun Xiao cuttingly glanced at him, "You don't have the right."

In truth, Bai Su did not like Yun Luofeng. He only wanted to pull her into the Bai Family! Anyone could see this. After hearing Yun Xiao's ruthless words, Bai Su slightly narrowed his eyes, a dangerous glint flashing through them.

"Whether I have the right or not, you will find out someday! Today, besides coming here to find her, I also had another reason. I wanted to investigate your current strength, and I have felt your true strength now..."

The corner of Bai Su lips imperceptibly lifted up, "Perhaps we will become nemeses in the future, and the winner will obtain her."


Yun Xiao's aura became increasingly imposing, akin to a giant mountain pressing down in an encompassing manner. The whole sky was a black mass, and the air was so heavy that it made others unable to breathe.

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