Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 668: Bai Su Came to Steal Someone (1)

Yun Luofeng raised her brows and looked Xiao Mo with a smile in her eyes. "What do you think?"

These four words turned Xiao Mo's expression more aggrieved, and his resentful eyes unwaveringly looked at Yun Luofeng. If someone unaware saw this scene, they would definitely think that Yun Luofeng did something monstrous to him. 

"That..." Xiao Mo pitifully said, "...can you give me half a month? Three days is simply too short."

At that moment, he already made a choice. He would rather go memorize a book than be the wife of Xiao Bai! Moreover, he was a man, how could he be the wife of a little girl?

"Alright," Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes and said with a wicked smile, "if you can't recite this book from memory without a single mistake in half a month, then I will immediately betroth you to Xiao Bai."

Hearing this, Xiao Mo instantly jumped up and an unshakeable determination was on his adorable face. "Master, don't worry! I'll engrave all the contents of this ancient text onto my heart!" What a joke! That girl, Xiao Bai, was a lot scarier than reciting a book from memory! How could he not obey Yun Luofeng's orders?

"Hn?" Then, Yun Luofeng detected a fluctuation from the outside world, and a cold glint flashed through her features. "It appears that someone has burst in."

After saying this, she hurriedly made her consciousness leave God's Code World.


Inside the elegant room, a young girl, who originally had her eyes closed in rest, abruptly opened her eyes. A familiar face entered her sight, making her pupils contract.

The night air swept across a man, and his black clothes lightly fluttered in the wind as he silently stood under the moonlight. His whole figure was grim and desolate, and the aura around him was very sharp and full of volatility.

Then, the man in front of Yun Xiao discovered Yun Luofeng with her eyes opened, and a bewitching smile appeared on his handsome face. Although that smile was very beautiful, it made fury bubble forth in her heart.

"Bai Su! Why did you come here?" Her eyes were completely cold and dark as she got up from the bed. It was only now that Yun Luofeng realized she was clothed again at some point in time...

After hearing the girl's chilling voice, the smile on the man's lips deepened, "Of course, it's to... marry you!"

Of course, it's to—marry you!

These few words completely provoked the fury in Yun Xiao's heart. His dark eyes became colder and his low and hoarse voice was heard beside Yun Luofeng's ears, "Leave it to me!"

"Alright," Yun Luofeng lightly nodded. She was extremely confident in Yun Xiao's strength.

His cold eyes turned to Bai Su, and Yun Xiao's voice contained an intense killing intent, "Get out!"

When speaking to unimportant people, the man's style had always been extremely callous, and he never wasted his breath to speak an extra word.

Bai Su shook open the folded fan in his hand and bewitchingly smile, "I will definitely obtain this girl. If you must get in my way, then I can only kill you!"

"Loser!" Yun Xiao's words were as indifferent as always, but it could deeply stab other people's hearts. More than a year ago, in the Liujin Kingdom, Bai Su was defeated by him, so what is he but a loser?

As expected, after hearing his words, Bai Su's eyes darkened, and he coldly said, "I couldn't win against you before, but it doesn't mean I'm not your opponent now. If you have the skills, then follow me, and we'll see who's better."

After saying this, he turned around to head toward the doorway. Before leaving, he glanced at Yun Luofeng over his shoulder, his smile mysterious and evil, "I only need to kill your man, and you'll belong to me from now on. So you will be a member of my Bai Family in a moment!"


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