Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 667: The Tragic Xiao Mo

"Not right, this isn't right..." Xiao Mo's anxious voice was suddenly heard from inside Yun Luofeng's spirit.

"Because Master's an Incorporeal Spirit body type, your menses always arrive punctually. There's no way it would deviate! Especially since it happened while Master and Yun Xiao were about to dual cultivate, this timing is too coincidental! There's definitely something wrong with this situation."

Yun Luofeng started briefly and lightly frowned. She looked up at Yun Xiao and said, "Yun Xiao, wait a moment for me."

After saying this, she closed her eyes and allowed her consciousness to enter the God's Code World.

She caught sight of the panicking Xiao Mo at first glance. The little guy was holding a book and currently searching for something.

"Xiao Mo, what's going on?" Yun Luofeng asked with slightly furrowed brows.

"I also don't know. I'm looking for an answer now," Xiao Mo tightly bit his lips, then his eyes lit up all of a sudden, "Found it! I know why."

Xiao Mo stood up from the ground and put away the book in his hands. His big shining eyes looked up at Yun Luofeng, "This ancient text says that because a large amount of power rushes into the body when an Incorporeal Spirit body type and a Corporeal Spirit body type dual cultivate, if the cultivator's strength is too low, their body will explode and they will die! Hence, it's only after the Incorporeal Spirit body type person breaks through to eminent-level cultivator that they can dual cultivate."

Yun Luofeng smiled evilly, making Xiao Mo's blood run cold.

"Ma-master..." Xiao Mo harshly gulped and unconsciously retreated back several steps.

"Xiao Mo, why didn't you tell me this matter sooner?" Yun Luofeng took a few steps toward Xiao Mo, a dangerous aura emanating from her body. 

Xiao Mo wanted to cry. "I also didn't know. I have forgotten many things, so I had no clue something like this would happen..."

"Then tell me. Yun Xiao and I also faced each other naked back at the Xiao Estate, why didn't this happen then?" Yun Luofeng closely questioned with slightly narrowed eyes.

"That... that is probably because Master's lust wasn't provoked. This time, your lust was provoked and the Medical God's Code felt it, so it made your menses arrive early," Xiao Mo's shining eyes were full of timidity, "Master, I really didn't know anything, I'm innocent..."

Speaking to here, Xiao Mo's heart was full of pity. They were about to successfully dual cultivate, but then this happened. 

"What is the book that you were flipping through just now?" Yun Luofeng questioned with a wicked smile.

"This is an ancient text. Some secret matters in the continent are written on it, including the written record of the Medical God's Code..." Xiao Mo weakly answered. Now, the way it worked was he would answer whatever Yun Luofeng asked, and he did not dare to have any intention to disobey. 

"Memorize that ancient text within three days," Yun Luofeng looked up and indifferently said.

"What?" Xiao Mo nearly jumped up from shock and donned on a miserable expression, "Master, you're being too cruel to me. I hate reading books the most!"

Although he had dwelled inside the God's Code World for these many years, he still had not memorized this ancient text, so his hatred for book recitation was apparent. If he were not being lazy, this situation would not have happened. 

"Would you rather memorize a book or be the wife of Xiao Bai?" Yun Luofeng looked at Xiao Mo with a smile, her voice laced with coercion.

Xiao Mo pouted, aggrieved, and looked at Yun Luofeng pathetically. "Can I choose neither?"

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