Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 666: The Menses that Arrived Early

Xiao Mo was the most sensitive to these two words. He was originally watering and weeding Yun Luofeng's medicinal field, but he immediately sprang up, his glittering eyes brimming with excitement.

"Master, you've finally come around! It hasn't been easy." Xiao Mo nearly shed tears due to his excitement.

He felt like he was finally seeing the moon being revealed by the parting clouds! As long as his master dual cultivated with Yun Xiao, then his master's cultivation would raise a lot and he would also be able to leave the God's Code Space for longer periods of time.

After Yun Luofeng spoke, Yun Xiao tightly tugged her arms, turning her over so that he was pressing her against the floor instead. Perhaps afraid that Yun Luofeng's head would hit the ground while he turned her over, he subconsciously used his palm to cushion the back of her head to prevent impact.

"After dual cultivating, you need to be responsible to me."

"..." Yun Luofeng was briefly startled before asking, "How should I be responsible?"

"Marriage." What the man wanted was very simple. Since they already decided to dual cultivate, then they must marry! Then he paused briefly and added, "You can't be a rascal."

"..." Yun Luofeng suddenly lost her ability to speak. It was a while before she finally found her voice, "Where did you hear the words 'be a rascal'?"

The saying goes that people in relationships that don't have marriage as the end goal are being a rascal.

Although... it is true that she had been a rascal to Yun Xiao all along...

"Your grandfather said it." The man had always been very honest in front of Yun Luofeng, so he sold the grandfather out without a second thought.

Yun Luofeng's forehead pulsed. "Stay farther away from my grandfather from now on so that he doesn't corrupt you."

"You want to be a rascal?" Yun Xiao lowered his head to look at the girl under him, "You already ate me clean, so I belong to you for the rest of my life. You can't shoo me away, you can't beat me away, I will cling to you with all my might."

After saying this, he forcefully kissed the girl, as though he wanted to unburden himself of all the longing that he felt during this period of time. No one knew how he survived the days spent inside the Secret Realm. Even the seven years spent inside the Forest of No Return was not as endless as this past year. 


At some point in time, they became completely stripped of their clothing. Afraid that the floor was too cold, Yun Xiao moved the girl onto the bed. On the spacious bed, they faced each other naked. Yun Xiao's movements were somewhat inexperienced, highlighting his innocence.

However, before the two people could go further, the scent of blood suddenly drifted into Yun Xiao's nose, causing his face to abruptly change.

"You're injured?"

He did not have the presence of mind to care about the primitive desire in his heart anymore and hurriedly pressed on Yun Luofeng's shoulders. He anxiously scanned her body. When he saw the red pool under her lower body, his face abruptly froze.

At that moment, an imperceptible embarrassment flitted through his handsome appearance. Of course, Yun Luofeng was the more embarrassed one. Her menses every month was very punctual, but it was about 10 days early this time and struck her completely unprepared. She suddenly thought of something and looked up, her eyes locking on the man, "Yun Xiao, you know what this is?"

Under Yun Luofeng's eyes, Yun Xiao slowly nodded. "Back when I was at the Yun residence, in order to take care of you better, I studied some books about women. That book said that women needed ginger tea to warm their stomach after their menses arrives, so I retained it..."

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