Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 663: The Fate of Medical City (9)

The cool and elegant man was already in front of him by the time he finished speaking. His body radiated a severe aura, and his palm carried a burst of wind that suddenly landed on Lin Ge.

Lin Ge's sneering face abruptly transformed. It was like a giant mountain pounded on his body, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. Before he could respond, Yun Qingya already launched in the air, chasing Lin Hao with an extremely swift speed.

"No!" Lin Ge's fury erupted as he tightly clutched his injured chest and watched with wide eyes as Yun Qingya reached the front of Lin Hao...

A cyan long sword pierced out from Lin Hao's back, and with a formidable strength, the man suddenly cleaved down. Then, Lin Hao and the male eagle were severed into two parts with one cleave. Blood colored the entire sky scarlet.

"Hao'er!" Lin Hao heart-wrenchingly screamed, his eyes were completely red as he watched the body fall from the sky.

There was nothing more painful than looking on helplessly as his own son die!

Lin Ge's body started trembling, his furious eyes intently glared at Yun Qingya. "Yun Qingya, don't you think you are too cruel?"

"Cruel?" Yun Qingya dryly smiled. "What is this compared to what your Medical City did in the past?"

Lin Ge's body ceaselessly trembled. Suddenly, he charged toward Yun Qingya as though he did not care for his life, his eyes brimming with bone-chilling hatred. "Yun Qingya, I want to perish with you!"

Even if he died, he would drag Yun Qingya to death with him so that he could avenge his son!


Just as Lin Ge reached the front of Yun Qingya, a long sword entered his chest. His body shuddered as he dumbfoundedly glanced at the sword in front of his chest then at the man in front of him who remained as elegant as a chrysanthemum from start to end.

"Yun Qingya, you will definitely get your retribution!"

As he spoke his final words, his body fell from the air, his bones crushing and his body torn upon contact with the ground, dying with a horrible appearance.

"Now that I've taken care of Lin Ge and his son, next is the people who went after me back then." Yun Qingya announced calmly with the corner of his lips turned up as his cool gaze surveyed the entire venue.

In the venue, the people from Medical City shrunk back, wanting to lower their presence as much as possible! However, Yun Qingya's gaze was like a sword, piercing their bodies and giving them nowhere to hide.

"I remember you few came after me at that time," Yun Qingya's line of sight gradually stopped on several people, and he faintly smiled, "How come you're pretending to not recognize me upon seeing me this time around?"

Those people shivered from fright, and they dropped and kneeled on the ground with a plop.

"Young Master Qingya, we were listening to orders! It was Lin Ge who forced us to go kill you! I beg you to please let us go! We will definitely turn over a new leaf!"

Yun Qingya's smile was aloof. "Is that so? Then why do I remember how excited you were humiliating me back then? You also said that someone like me would never succeed!"

Hearing his words, that person's body jolted, and regret swelled his heart. If he knew it would be like this, they would not have said those humiliating things back then.

"Medical City must be eliminated, and you must die!"

Just as they all contemplated a countermeasure, the man's voice rung again, so cool that it made them shudder more.

"Second Uncle's matter is finally resolved." Yun Luofeng sucked on the grape that Yun Xiao handed to her lips as she languidly leaned against the back of the chair, "Yun Xiao, we should take care of our matters next too. What do you think?"

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