Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 661: The Fate of Medical City (7)

In the sky, the man tranquilly smiled. His cool gaze shifting from Lin Hao's crazed appearance to Yun Luofeng's figure. His gaze gentled, making her feel as though she was bathing in sunlight.

"Xiao Feng'er, I've returned..."

I've returned...

The man's voice caused Yun Luofeng to be slightly moved emotionally. Intently watching the man in the air, she asked, "Second Uncle, should I congratulate you for breaking through to sky level?"

Flying in the air, sky-level spirit cultivator!

It was only after hearing Yun Luofeng's words that everyone came to a realization. Yun Qingya from the Yun Family actually broke through to sky level cultivation?

Lin Ge's face was very unsightly as he staggered back and collapsed butt-first on the ground. His face was filled with despair and was deathly pale.

"It was because I was lucky enough to receive the inheritance of a strong cultivator that I managed to break through this rapidly."

The reason that so many people wanted to head to the Forest of No Return despite its danger was that there were an innumerable amount of miracles in that forest! As long as you returned alive from the Forest of No Return, you would certainly attain an extremely formidable amount of power. This was precisely why so many people wanted to head to the Forest of No Return to try their luck.

Of course, the number of people who could return alive was extremely minute. Most of them were buried in that forest.

"Xiao Feng'er, let me handle the matter concerning Medical City," Yun Qingya faintly smiled, "I want to avenge my grievance from back then."

It had been ten years! Who could understand how he lived the past ten years? And the one who caused all this was Medical City!

Yun Qingya's gaze gradually focused on the people of Medical City. He slowly stepped down, and wherever his feet contacted, it was as though an innumerous number of green lotus blossomed under them.

"Do you still remember what you told me 10 years ago?" Yun Qingya's face still carried a smile, but that smile made people's hair stand on its end.

"10 years ago, you told me the strong consumed the weak in this world. Since my family background couldn't compare with Medical City, even if I died, it was deserved!"

Lin Ge's heart trembled with every step that Yun Qingya took. He tightly clenched his fists and fearfully looked at the refined man slowly stepping down from the air.

"You also said that Lin Hao competing with me was my utmost honor, and I should stand on the stage and allow him to beat me without fighting back! Since I fought back, I should accept Medical City's punishment for me!"

10 years ago, he only escaped the assassination by exerting all his strength! However, because of this, he needed to hide in a secret room for more than 10 years! Just how cruel was this to a vigorous young man in his prime?

"Now, our roles have switched, and the one being killed is your Medical City!" Yun Qingya slightly raised his cool eyes, the smile on his face slowly disappearing, "Right, there are also the strong cultivators of Medical City who once hunted me! I never forgot their appearance these past 10 years!"

Lin Ge opened his mouth, but he discovered his throat was so dry that he could not utter a single sound. It was only now that he finally felt regret! If he did not spoil Lin Hao since he was young, perhaps Medical City would not end up like this...

"Dad!" Lin Hao's voice contained irrepressible fury, "Why? Why didn't you ever tell me he was still alive? WHY?"

Lin Hao bitterly chuckled and shook his head, "I only didn't want to upset you, so I concealed it..."

Hearing this, Lin Hao's fury grew stronger, "Why didn't you kill him back then? Why didn't you eliminate the Yun Family? If you eliminated everyone from the Yun Family, so much wouldn't have happened now!"

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