Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 660: The Fate of Medical City (6)

Just as Lin Hao wanted to climb up from the ground, the cold man dressed in black already appeared in front of him. Lin Hao acutely felt the vicious aura exuding from the man. The man's hand tightly hoisted Lin Hao's shirt and harshly slammed him into the ground! With a boom, a deep crater appeared in the ground. The strength used by the man was apparent.

Inside the deep crater, Lin Hao kept spitting out blood. He supported himself, wanting to climb up, but this single movement caused his entire body to flare with pain, as though all the bones in his body were shattered.

"Dad, save me..."

His voice was shaky and pleading. It was similar to a hand that cruelly squeezed Lin Ge's heart.

"Enough!" Lin Ge tightly clenched his fists and closed his eyes. The moment that he opened his eyes, determination appeared in them. "If you want to hit someone, hit me. Hao'er is innocent."

Although Lin Ge still loathed Lin Hao for offending the Ghost Emperor due to his ignorance just now, how could his heart not hurt when faced with his favored son suffering such serious harm? He would rather it be him that the Ghost Emperor was tormenting than watching his own son getting hurt.

"Innocent?" Yun Luofeng snorted and said with a sneer, "Back then, he competed with my second uncle on the stage. It was because my second uncle defeated him that he became angry from shame and sent the experts of Medical City to kill my second uncle. How is this considered innocent?"

"This was all my..." Lin Ge opened his mouth to speak, wanting to assume all the responsibility in his son's place. Who knew that before he could speak, Lin Hao's manic voice would be heard from the crater.

"Yun Qingya deserved death to begin with! I am the Young City Master of Medical City, and he's only the young master of a General's Estate. Me competing with him is me thinking highly of him. What right did he have to defeat me? He should have stood still and accepted my beating!" Lin Hao angrily ground his teeth.

For the past years, he only needed to hear the name 'Yun Qingya' and he would recall that competition from more than 10 years ago—the biggest humiliation he had ever suffered in his entire life!

"Humph!" Lin Hao snorted and said with a sneer, "When the people of Medical City compete with me on the stage, they all know to yield to me. Only Yun Qingya was extremely stupid! Good thing that bastard paid for his mistake! Even if you take revenge against my Medical City, Yun Qingya that bastard still can't revive! Hahaha!"

His laugh was incredibly insane, as though he wanted to release all of his rage from the past years.

However, at this time, a crisp voice broke through the air and traveled to everyone's ears. "Are you certain I can't revive?"

The man's clear voice was a nightmare to Lin Hao for more than 10 years. Hence, after hearing these words, his smile abruptly froze, and his head robotically raised, stiffly looking at the sky...

In the clear blue sky, a man stood with his arms behind his back and his cyan robes lightly swaying. He was as graceful as a cantabile and exceptionally magnificent. His ink-black hair fluttered in the wind as a faint, mocking smile appeared on his handsome appearance.


At that moment, Lin Hao's mind turned chaotic, as though thunder was ceaselessly clapping. He looked up at the man in the air, who was as elegant and refined as an ink wash painting, in a stupefied manner and was stunned speechless. It was a while before he finally reacted. His complexion changed from its initial paleness to fury, and he angrily bellowed, "Yun Qingya, impossible! Why are you still alive, b*stard?"

More than ten years ago, this mutt clearly died in the hands of the experts from the Medical City, so how is he still alive? 

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