Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 657: The Fate of Medical City (3)

"W-what?" Seeing everyone's gazes, Lin Yating subconsciously wiped her face and accidentally pulled down her human-skinned mask.

"AH!" Seeing the mask on her hand, Lin Yating's sharp voice rung in the air above the venue.

How did this happen? That mighty person clearly told her that only the herbal water he gave her would tear off this mask, so what in the world did Yun Luofeng do?

Lin Yating felt like she was stripped of her clothes, and all of her flaws were exposed under the sunlight.

Hu Po directly fainted from shock and wanted to use this to avoid his master's reprimand. Unfortunately, he clearly overthought! Everyone's line of sight was currently on Lin Yating including his master's, so no one took a second glance at him.

"Lin Yating! She's actually Lin Yating!"

"I originally thought Senior Sister Yating was gentle and graceful but didn't expect her to be this type of person!"

"I reckon it's because she's disguised as someone else that she would reveal her true nature without restraint like this. You heard her words just now, right? She actually said that she had exceptionally good looks and a fine temperament and that she wasn't a social climber. She even narcissistically believed that Yun Luofeng was jealous of her..."

"Don't say any more, I'm about to throw up! She clearly wants to seduce the Ghost Emperor! But she pretended to be pure and said she wasn't attached to power..."

Everyone voiced their mockery, turning Lin Yating's face ashen pale. She had a human-skinned mask in her hands as she stood alone in the crowd, accepting everyone's admonishments and humiliation. It was as though the entire world became unharmonious...

Yun Luofeng! This was all caused by Yun Luofeng!

Suddenly, her head lifted and her malicious sight shot through everyone and locked onto Yun Luofeng.

"Lin Yating, you unfilial daughter!"

Lin Ge had somehow already charged to her front and loudly slapped her before angrily saying, "It was you who said you were confident about seducing the Ghost Emperor, but you shoved all the responsibility to me just now. If it weren't for you saying something like that, why would Hao'er and I think that?"

"You dare to reprimand me?" Lin Yating snorted and retracted her gaze from Yun Luofeng. She coldly looked at Lin Ge, "If it weren't for that great son of yours stirring trouble everywhere, why would so many problems arise? If it weren't for him, I would still be the most remarkable disciple of the Physician Association with a limitless future, but now because of you, my whole life is ruined!"

"You..." Lin Ge angrily pointed at Lin Yating, "don't forget, you would already be dead without me back then. How would you have had today's status?!"

Lin Yating frostily smiled. "Then I would rather be dead than suffer the current humiliation!"


Lin Ge flung his palm again. He put a lot of strength behind the slap, causing a rivulet of blood to trail from the corner of her mouth.

Lin Yating wiped the blood from her mouth, and a harsh glint flitted through her lowered eyes. "These two slaps are payments for the gratitude of you adopting me! Just try and hit me again!"

Lin Ge had just raised his hand but after meeting her eyes brimming with hatred, his heart involuntarily trembled, and his hand froze in the air, unable to swing down.

"Yun Luofeng," Lin Yating turned to look at Yun Luofeng, her beautiful eyes full of hatred, "you are the same as Medical City. You ruined my whole life."

"The one who ruined your life..." Yun Luofeng paused before continuing, "...wasn't it none other than yourself?"

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