Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 656: The Fate of Medical City (2)

Lin Yating?

After hearing Yun Luofeng's words, everyone was taken aback and stared at Lin Yating without blinking.

"Miss Yun, are you mistaken?" Lan Hong was startled. Then, he said with a smile, "I think she's called Guo something, not Lin Yating. Also, if she is Lin Yating, she wouldn't say self-complimentary words like this, wouldn't it be nauseating otherwise?"

Lan Hong was not defending Lin Yating. How thick-skinned would a person need to be to praise herself in front of a man like this? Didn't she find it disgusting to say self-complimentary words like that?

"Yun Luofeng," Lin Yating bit her lips hard and said, "don't wrongly accuse me! I'm not Senior Sister Yating. You're only doing this because of your jealousy toward Senior Sister Yating."

Even at a time like this, Lin Yating still did not admit to her own behavior. After all, this human-skinned mask was created by a strong person two years ago, so only a special method could make it come off! Otherwise, no matter how strong Yun Luofeng was, she still could not expose her true appearance in front of the people.

Lin Yating finally elicited Yun Xiao's attention at that moment. The man's eyes were icy, and his face was expressionless. His deep and dark eyes coldly watched Lin Yating, his gaze was as though he was looking at a dead person...

A formidable aura burst from him, and his lightly pursed lips had a small sneer as viciousness sprung up unbidden around him. There was no wind, but his black robes flew up on its own.

Lin Yating swallowed a mouthful of saliva, her eyes containing fear as she retreated a few more steps. For the past years, whenever she had resentments without outlets, she would don Guo Fulan's face and do evil deeds! After all, in the end, all the bad reputation fell on Guo Fulan's shoulders, and she still remained the graceful and gentle Lin Yating in everyone's eyes.

"Yun Xiao," Yun Luofeng caught Yun Xiao's shoulders and the bewitching smile on her lips deepened, "I want to handle this matter myself."

The young girl's words made the vicious aura around Yun Xiao slowly disappear. His voice was as cold and rough as always when he uttered, "Alright."

If she wanted to be gloriously resplendent, then so what if he was the man behind her? For her, he was whole-heartedly willing to hide all of his light. He only needed to silently accompany her.

"Lin Yating, since you don't want to speak the truth, then I will reveal your true appearance," Yun Luofeng faintly smiled and gradually approached Lin Yating with narrowed eyes.

Lin Yating's expression abruptly shifted. But it was a dense crowd of people behind her, so she had nowhere to retreat.

Suddenly, the young girl had several silver needles between her fingers, and they swished through the air, piercing into Lin Yating's face.

"AH!" Lin Yating pitifully shrieked and hurriedly pulled out the needles on her face. Her hand tightly clutched onto her bleeding face and looked at Yun Luofeng with a trembling body.

"To begin with, you aren't as outstanding as Senior Sister Yating, but you don't even permit me to say it! I don't know what method you used to beguile the Ghost Emperor! But a woman like you who sends herself to the Ghost Emperor's door for his power, how could you compare to a woman like Senior Sister Yating unattached to power?"

The entire venue was silent. Everyone looked at Lin Yating, stupefied, and there was disbelief in their eyes, as though they had seen something inconceivable.


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