Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 655: The Fate of Medical City (1)

Lin Ge looked at Lin Hao's pale face and closed his eyes, lightly sighing. Even he did not dare to believe everything he was seeing, let alone Lin Hao!

Milk Tea sharply caught sight of Lin Yating trying to secretly leave and instantly jumped up. It sped towards her with a squeak and harshly dug its sharp claws into her calf.

"AH!" Lin Yating screamed from the pain, and everyone's gaze darted to her in an instant.

The entire venue was strangely quiet...

Under everyone's eyes, her lips lightly trembled, and she subconsciously backed up a few steps without the time to treat her bleeding leg.

Milk Tea lifted his head and haughtily glanced at Lin Yating before turning around and quickly reaching Yun Luofeng's side.

"You are a disciple of Luo Fu's school?" Lan Hong asked with a slight frown.

Lin Yating's face froze, and her eye flickered a few times as she rapidly decided on how to leave here.

"I seem to recall that you didn't have the right to participate in the competition with your status inside the Physician Association. Who permitted you to enter the venue?" Lan Hong's eyes carelessly swept across Hu Po, but the meaning in his eyes was still clear.


Seeing the unfavorable turn of events, Hu Po kneeled on the ground in fear and shakily said, "Elder Lan Hong, Master, it's this subordinate's incompetence that allowed her to sneak in here. I will have someone toss her out in a moment."

If Hu Po stated that Lin Yating bribed him then and there, perhaps she would not have a chance to find an excuse. But since Hu Po said she sneaked into the venue in order to shirk responsibility, this gave her a chance.

She ground her teeth and kneeled down with a pitiful expression in her eyes and started sobbing, "Elder Lan Hong, Elder Ding Ling, this was my fault and has nothing to do with Senior Brother Hu Po."

Hu Po glanced at Lin Yating in surprise, as though he did not expect her to take all the responsibility. However, her following words made his expression instantly change.

"It's just that my heart aches for Senior Sister Yating. An outstanding girl like her shouldn't have a fate like this," Lin Yating cast her eyes downward and speedily crawled toward the Ghost Emperor, "Master Ghost Emperor, I beg you! Only you can save Senior Sister Yating! Moreover, her looks are not worse than Yun Luofeng's."

Her voice paused briefly before continuing, "Also, Lin Hao calling you his brother-in-law was all Medical City's own initiative and has nothing to do with Senior Sister Yating. The people of the Medical City also forced Senior Sister Yating to try to seduce you earlier, but Senior Sister Yating has always respected a mutual love between two people, so she wouldn't do anything that immoral! She is innocent."

Yun Luofeng smiled and looked at the woman who has crawled to the front of Yun Xiao. "Have you heard of a saying?"

"What?" Lin Yating was startled.

"When Grandmother Wang sells melons, she blows her own trumpet. Even if you want to sell yourself, you don't need to keep praising yourself."

"What nonsense are you saying?" Lin Yating's face drained of colors, and the anger in her chest erupted as she tightly clenched her fists, "Yun Luofeng, how can a cruel and ruthless woman like you match the Ghost Emperor? You are only jealous of Senior Sister Yating."

If she wanted to live, the Ghost Emperor was her only hope! So, the current Lin Yating did not have her previous rationality and was rash with her words.

"I thought I already said it clear enough," Yun Luofeng slowly pulled away from Yun Xiao and wickedly raised her brows, smiling, "Lin Yating, even if you blow your own trumpet like this, you still won't be able to sell yourself..."

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