Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 654: Yun Xiao, I Missed You (4)

Yun Luofeng finally loosened her hold on the man being pressed down by her, and she used her finger to poke the man with a wicked smile, "Yun Xiao, while I wasn't beside you, did anyone train you?"

"I only permit you to train me." The man looked up, watching Yun Luofeng with serious eyes.

In his lifetime, he will only permit this woman to approach him and will also only be trained by her alone!

Yun Luofeng pulled Yun Xiao into her arms again, her whole body pressed on his. Her chin propped on his shoulder as she slightly cast her eyes downward and said, "Yun Xiao, I missed you..."

A one-year separation made her understand what longing was! Perhaps that accidental, fleeting glance already determined her descent, but she fell perfectly willingly!

"Why is it like this?" Lin Ge backed up, and his fearful gaze watched Yun Xiao as he harshly swallowed, "Why do the Ghost Emperor and Yun Luofeng know each other?"

"Dad, what are you talking about? Isn't the Ghost Emperor my brother-in-law? How could Yun Luofeng, a woman who's worse than a prostitute, match the Ghost Emperor?"

The entire venue has been completely silent ever since Yun Xiao appeared. Hence, Lin Hao's words were clearly heard in the venue.

"Hao'er," Lin Ge bellowed, "shut up!"

This was his first time getting angry at Lin Hao in all these years, so Lin Hao's temper also flared up, "Dad, you said it yourself, the Ghost Emperor will become my brother-in-law. You also said that he would kill Yun Luofeng to vent our anger for us and that the Ghost Emperor would come in a moment and Yun Luofeng would pay for her mistakes!"

All the color bled out of Lin Ge's lips. His lips trembled a few times but could not produce a single sound.

For all these years, he had given Lin Hao the greatest protection, so much so that Lin Hao was completely clueless about the matters of the Continent and did not recognize the Ghost Emperor. In Lin Hao's mind, a strong person like the Ghost Emperor would definitely appear with a larger entourage and incomparable grandeur! Yun Xiao silently arrived with only himself, so how could he be that renowned Ghost Emperor?

Yun Xiao's eyes gradually trailed from Yun Luofeng's figure to Lin Hao's face. An intense killing intent emanated from his body, causing his aura to appear much colder than before.

When the aura focused on him, Lin Hao could not help but shudder and subconsciously hid behind his father. However, he continued running his mouth off and angrily said, "You're only the lover of that b*tch Yun Luofeng, but you dare to bully the people of Medical City like this. When the Ghost Emperor arrives, it will be your death day!"


Lin Ge swung his palm on Lin Hao's face and shakily said, "Apologize!"


"Apologize to the Ghost Emperor!"

Originally, Lin Hao was still extremely angered by his father's slap, but when he heard his following words, his gaze quivered, and panic flickered through his eyes.

"Dad, what did you just say? The Ghost Emperor? Where is the Ghost Emperor?"

Lin Ge heavily sighed. It was only now that his heart filled with regret. He regretted spoiling Lin Hao to this degree!

"Hao'er, that masked man is the Ghost Emperor..."

As though thunder rang on a clear day, Lin Hao stumbled and collapsed on the ground. His face, which was already pale from excessively indulging in debauchery, became paler at this moment.

"Dad, you're kidding with me, right? The Ghost Emperor is my brother-in-law, so how could he be Yun Luofeng's lover?"

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