Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 653: Yun Xiao, I Missed You (3)

The hearts of all the elders jolted. Some of them did not wait for their companions to respond before running with a swish toward the place where they stored their herbs. They wanted to give the medicinal herbs to Yun Luofeng before anyone else.

"Dad," Lin Hao frowned, "why do those people all want to curry favor with Yun Luofeng?"

Lin Ge started, and regret unconsciously appeared in his heart. If he knew this would happen, he would not have allowed Lin Hao to come! However, he could not resist his request in the end and brought him to the venue.

"This..." Lin Ge's eyes flickered as he responded, "this is due to Tian Ya! Yun Luofeng and Tian Ya have an improper relationship, so in order to ingratiate themselves with Tian Ya, they naturally approach Yun Luofeng as well."

Lin Hao suddenly understood, and his gaze aimed at Yun Luofeng contained some disdain. "So it's like that! This woman is truly dirty!"

Thinking of this, Lin Hao planned to ridicule Yun Luofeng some more, but at that moment a powerful aura suddenly enveloped the whole venue.

Yun Luofeng was too familiar with this aura, so familiar that she could recognize it even with her eyes closed...

At the edge of the venue, the man's cold eyes tightly locked onto the girl being revered. A faint smile was produced on the corner of his lips, so faint that it was barely visible. Their eyes met, and a strange sensation originated from the two people and spread to their surroundings. It also made the man lose his previous coldness. The man merely looked at her quietly, the girl's figure imprinting in his eyes and engraving in his heart. Carved in his bones, and unforgettable for his whole life!

When Hu Po and Lin Yating rushed over, they were met with the sight of the man quietly standing at the edge of the venue, and the man's aura had lost its previous pressure at some unknown time.

Then, Lin Yating suddenly saw Yun Luofeng madly running toward Yun Xiao. She was like a wild wolf, and Yun Xiao was the delicious dessert in the wolf's mouth! That bare emotion evoked joy in Lin Yating's heart, and her lips curved up mockingly.

Yun Luofeng, I originally thought you were incredibly intelligent, but I didn't think you would be this stupid! You actually became this impulsive after seeing the Ghost Emperor. With the Ghost Emperor's personality of disliking the approach of strangers, perhaps her blood would splash everywhere immediately!

As though Lin Yating could already imagine the tragic scene of Yun Luofeng drenching the venue with her blood, the smile on her face deepened, and her malicious eyes coldly watched the white-clothed girl speedily charging toward Yun Xiao.

Faced with the young girl acting like a starving wolf descending on food, not only did Yun Xiao not hit her, but he actually spread his arms open, and the corners of his lips slowly turned up...


Yun Luofeng abruptly threw herself at Yun Xiao and fiercely pushed the man to the ground. She kissed him without restraint, her arms closely pressing on the ground. They lost themselves in the kiss and became entranced in their own world, evidently forgetting the people around them...

Lin Yating swiftly covered her mouth and staggered back a few steps. Her eyes revealed fear, and her delicate figure started to lightly tremble.

Yun Luofeng not only hugged the Ghost Emperor but also forcefully kissed him! Yet, the Ghost Emperor with his extremely cold personality not only did not reject her but also has an... expression of enjoyment?

Moreover, with the Ghost Emperor's strength, if he did not willingly fall down, Yun Luofeng definitely would not be able to push him onto the floor! In other words, the Ghost Emperor was being willingly pressed down by her...

Thinking of this, despair was born in Lin Yating's heart. The man who she viewed as the last life-saving straw actually also had relations with Yun Luofeng?

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