Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 652: Yun Xiao, I Missed You (2)

How would he know that the person standing in front of him was not Guo Fulan and was the disguised Lin Yating?

"Hu Po, I want to participate in the Physician Competition with you."

Lin Yating's eyes darkened. "At that time, Yun Luofeng will appear there as well. I want to use this chance to borrow the Ghost Emperor's hand to eliminate her."

"No!" Hu Po's expression shifted, "Immediately return to the Physician Association. I absolutely won't indulge you anymore!"

"Do you think you still have the chance to renege?" Lin Yating said with a chilly smile, "If you don't bring me to the competition, then I will tell your master that you received Senior Sister Yating's bribe."

"You..." Hu Po angrily pointed at Lin Yating and started trembling. He was regretful! He regretted accepting Lin Yating's bribe. He would not be this passive otherwise.

"Alright, as you wish!" Hu Po looked back at Lin Yating before leaving, "However, I think you are becoming more and more similar to Senior Sister Yating..."

Lin Yating's heart shuddered. She originally thought she would be exposed, but then she saw Hu Po turn and leave, hurriedly chasing after the direction that Yun Xiao disappeared in.



Under the infinite blue sky, all the elders took out the treasures that they had received over the past years and proudly basked in the jealous gazes of the people beside them.

To put it simply, the Physician Competition was also a wealth-flaunting competition! Before every Physician Competition, the members of each faction would search for valuable treasures and come to the Physician Association to flaunt them.

Because Yun Luofeng only sent people to monitor the people of Medical City and did not limit their mobility within the Physician Association, the people of Medical City also came to the venue on the day of the competition.

Lin Hao caught sight of the white-clothed young girl amidst the crowd at first glance. His hands could not help but clench beside his legs and a malicious glint flashed through his eyes.

At this moment, the girl was evidently in the limelight. Whether it was the elders and disciples of the Physician Association or the members of the other factions, they all surrounded her and placed the treasures in their hands in front of her like they were offering a treasure.

"Miss Yun, I obtained this blood drop with great difficulty. If you want it, I can give it to you. I only have a tiny request: Can you please give my medical skills some guidance?

"My thousand-year-old Dragon Turtle Herb as well! I will give it to Miss Yun. As for my request, it's the same as his; I only need some guidance from Miss Yun."

"Valuable medicinal herbs naturally belong to a formidable doctor, so this herb isn't that useful in my hands. Why don't I give it to Miss Yun so that its effect can be maximized?"

These people once treated medicinal herbs as the most precious treasures, let alone the herbs that were brought to the Physician Association for flaunting. However, they were now scrambling to give them to Yun Luofeng, afraid that the young girl would reject their request.

Yun Luofeng wickedly raised her brows and ordered Lin Ruobai who was beside her, "Xiao Bai, accept the medicinal herbs and mark down their names. I will stay a few more days at the Physician Association, so you can come and ask me any questions that you have."

Physicians lack valuable herbs the most, but now Yun Luofeng had discovered a quick method of acquiring herbs.

"Th-then can we exchange a chance for guidance with medicinal herbs?" All the elders of the Physician Association held their breath and anxiously looked at Yun Luofeng.

She was silent for a moment before imperceptibly nodding, "If the herb is rare enough, I can answer a few of your questions."

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